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Based in Taiwan, Leos' Quality Products Co., Ltd. is a Vertical Pocket File supplier and manufacturer since 1991.

A dedicated OEM office stationery manufacturer with a plant that has 14,000 square meters and over 250 highly trained, experienced, and skilled staff. Leos' office filing products include file folders, binders, expanding files, display books, zip bags… etc to satisfy all your filing needs.

Leos' has been offering customers high-quality office filing products such as ring notebooks, spinal notebooks, meeting padfolios, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, Leos' ensures each customer's demands are met.

Vertical Pocket File


Vertical Pocket File is a great way to keep documents orderly while placed inside a backpack or container. Easily accommodates your growing projects and bulky files. A4 and Letter size pages insert efficiently while the portrait orientation allows for quick loading and accessibility. The robust polypropylene material keeps it's intended shape and design through years of use. Bright and fun colors help this product stand out from the rest of the pack. Includes an easy to use an elastic band and frisbee (button) closure.

Document Case


Item No.DescriptionPacking
648A4 / Letter, Vertical, Elastic band closure10 / 40
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    Leos' Executive Portfolio offers a one-of-a-kind design. Made from high-quality PP resin and reinforced with strong colored webbing surrounding the edges and increasing strength. Comes in a host of colors with options for customization. Our Executive Portfolio comes with a CD / DVD holder, a sleeve for 1 name card, as well as a lined (refillable) A4 notepad of 30 sheets. Its 6 pocket / 5tab expansion folders help stay organized while on the move. Velcro closure makes access quick and secure.

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  • File Folder - Polka Dot File Folder
    File Folder

    3 pack File Folders offer a simplistic and productive way to organize. Each of our file folders come with 1/3 tabbed folders. The tabbed folders are color-coded to offer instantaneous recognition of each folder and its unique contents. These file folders are made from a long-lasting, high durability polypropylene material contributing to water-resistance as well as general wear and tear resistance. File Folders can easily hold both A4 and Letter size sheets of paper. File folders are great for school or office use.

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  • Sliding Sorter - Polka Dot Sliding Sorter
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    This poly 3-Sliding Pocket Folder keeps documents organized, accessible, and well-protected. Store A4 or letter-size documents in 3 sliding pockets that are easy to use. Simply slide open to access or store paper. Durable translucent poly is wear-resistant, tear-resistant, and moisture-resistant. As well as offering a view of what's inside. Elastic hook-and-loop closure on the flap also helps keep papers secure. Comes in a range of dynamic colors with white polka-dots with OEM / ODM options applicable.

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  • Twin Clips Folder - Polka Dot Twin Clip Folder
    Twin Clips Folder

    Leos' twin clips folder is a convenient way to file un-punched papers and instantly secure papers. The folder keeps your files, documents, reports get organized and neat. The binder comes with wire clip and spring clip, easily insert and remove papers from any position, it makes updating of files quickly and suitable for document classification management, office, business department, schools, and other units of staff. 6 bright color covers with white dot printing for your selection. Minimum order quantity is 3000 pcs per item per color.

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  • Spiral Notebook - Polka Dot Sprial Notebook
    Spiral Notebook

    Spiral notebooks include a white dot on the colorful cover, makes your writing more fun and cheerful. A wire-bound lined notebooks, with variety of sizes A4, A5, A6 size. Less spiral construction help user more easily writing notes while crossing the pages from right to left or left to the right side, every notebook includes at least 80sheets of 70gsm white line papers included into each notebook. Hot selling colors: blue, red, orange, black. if the color does not fit your taste, please contact our sales team for more information as we're capable to customize the color and size for your demand.

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  • Zipper Bag - Polka Dot Zipper Bag
    Zipper Bag

    Poly zipper bag, made of lightweight polypropylene, water-resistant and durable. The bag is great for store notebooks, pens and accessories with you to school or personal use. The transparent colored cover with dot printing, clear to see the contents inside and able to put into the backpack or carry bag with you. The plastic zipper is easy to slide in and out and keep your belongings secure. 1" expandable gusset provides the large capacity to load more. MOQ per item per color is 3000pcs and 19 products in Polka Dot range for your selection.

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    Leos' shopping bags are made of durable and reusable polypropylene, and white dot pattern printing is covered on the surface which makes the bag cute and fun. Attached color ropes match the bag color as handles to transport gifts. Stylish and functional bags are easy to decorate your gift and use in different occasions like conferences, fundraising, retail shopping merchandise bags, Valentine's day, wedding gift bags, birthday, Christmas, and other gift wrapping purposes. MOQ: 3000pcs per color per order.

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