Customized Ring Binders and Clip Binders from China Factory are Suitable for Offices and Schools | Eco-friendly school stationery and office supplies wholesale | Leos'

Ideal for filing reports or storing documents. | Premier Source for Diverse Office and School Stationery | Leos'

Ideal for filing reports or storing documents.

Ring Binders & Clip Binders

Customized Ring Binders and Clip Binders from China Factory are Suitable for Offices and Schools

Dual opening and closing triggers of ring binder folder make the round 2, 3, and 4 ring binder hold paper well. Ring&Clip Binders' size of A4, A3, B6, B5, FC, and Letter size make the binder perfect for school, coordinating your office, home, other daily use, or special projects.

Leos' provides a variation of sizes including 0.5", 1", 1.5" and 2", different ring type such as O-ring, D-Ring, 2 rings, 3 rings, and 4 rings for your personal use choices. Let us know your logo design and other requirements, and we can customize a personalized ring binder for you!

We can produce the color of the white and transparent kind that are currently hot-selling on the market. In addition, other colors, such as red, yellow, blue, purple, orange, black, are available. You can also choose the products' material from PP, PVC, or other materials. Clear view covers and spine allow quick and easy binder customization. Contact us and Get your custom binder.

Ring Binders & Clip Binders

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Ring Binder - Ideal for organizing projects, presentations, and more
Ring Binder

Ring binders come from the durable poly sheet with a flexible hinge, easy open and close, and include...

Poly Cardboard Binder - Includes two pockets for extra storage space
Poly Cardboard Binder

Not only vinyl binders but Leos' is also capable to make binders which cover is made from PP sheet...

Vinyl Front View Ring Binder - Outside pockets for individual design
Vinyl Front View Ring Binder

Simple is the smart way to go. For convenient organization of documents, it doesn't get much...

Vinyl Ring Binder - D-Rings are mounted to the back of your binder instead of the spine
Vinyl Ring Binder

Leos' white D ring binder is made from white vinyl and cardboard and available in different...

Vinyl View D-Ring Binder - D-ring mechanism holds 25% more material than comparable O-ring binders
Vinyl View D-Ring Binder

Leos' high-quality presentation binders create smart document storage solutions. Leos' D-ring...

Clip Folder - Clamp is an easy way to secure pages without the use of a three hole punch
Clip Folder

Leos' clamp binder is an easy way to file un-punched papers and instantly secure papers. Keep...

PP 3 Ring Binder - Polka Dot Ring Binder
PP 3 Ring Binder

Leos' specialized in PP filing stationery products over 30 years and provide a wide range of office...

PP Double Clip Folder - Polka Dot Twin Clip Folder
PP Double Clip Folder

Leos' twin clips folder is a convenient way to file un-punched papers and instantly secure...

PP Zipper Binder - Geometric Zipper Binder
PP Zipper Binder

Built to last Zipper Binder is made from a durable plastic that allows this binder to stand...

PP O Ring Binder - Foil Ring Binder
PP O Ring Binder

Leos' foil collection blends tones to embody the sophistication of precious metals and make...

Ring Binder - Silkrado Ring Binder
Ring Binder

Leos' is the manufacturer of PP and Vinyl stationery products over 30 years, and provide the wide...

Lever Arch File - Silkrado Lever Arch File
Lever Arch File

The Silkrado document binder comes in a metallic color range with slik-like texture which gives...

Result 1 - 12 of 14

Ring Binders & Clip Binders | Taiwan high-quality school & office supplies in bulk | Leos'

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