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Various Notebook Sizes for Writing. | sturdy multi-pocket PP document organizers for businesses

Various Notebook Sizes for Writing.


Stationery Factory with 30 Years of Manufacturing Experience in Professional Notebooks for Work

Leos' provides various notebooks, such as Ring Notebooks, Spiral Notebooks, and Meeting Padfolios, Legal Pad Holders, etc. The customized demand or special requirements are warmly welcomed. For example, our legal padfolios with different closures such as zipper closure, Velcro closure, include stylish and functional design inside to help you more organized on meetings and office works.

Ring Notebook is one of popular stationeries that everyone loves to daily use. Leos' provides a variation of sizes including A4, Letter, B5, A5, A6, mini size with different pages, the cover can be plain cover or with printing design, customers' own ideas are available, too. Please feel free to contact us and let Leos' provide the best service as your request.


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Reading Strips Bookmark - Colored reading strips for Dyslexia
Reading Strips Bookmark

The Large Reading Strips are made of PET. The narrow strip just above the reading line helps...

Highlighted Book Marks - Colored reading strips for Dyslexia
Highlighted Book Marks

The Reading Strips are made from high-quality PVC and are 7.5 x 2.8", durable, water-resistant,...

Color Guide Reading Strip - Colored Guide Reading Strips for children and teachers
Color Guide Reading Strip

The Reading Strips are made from high-quality PVC and are 7.5x1.3", durable, water-resistant,...

Transparent sticky tabs - Colored translucent note tab
Transparent sticky tabs
1395-10-A/ 1395-10-B

The sticky flag note tabs are made of PET material, which is waterproof and non-toxic.The...

Index Tabs Page Markers - Colored Transparent sticky tab
Index Tabs Page Markers
1395-2/ 1395-3/ 1395-5

Page markers index tabs are made of premium PET material. It is non-toxic, colorful, waterproof,...

Transparent Sticky Pad - Colorful Clear Sticky Note
Transparent Sticky Pad

The colorful transparent sticky notes made of PET material are waterproof, and self-adhesive....

Transparent Sticky Note - Tips for Using PET Sticky Notes Effectively for school, classroom, child, and office, restaurant
Transparent Sticky Note

The transparent sticky notes are made of PET material, which is waterproof. The smooth surface...

Strechable Book Cover - This book cover is made by high-strength, durable  and stretchable elastic fabric
Strechable Book Cover

This book cover is made by high-strength, durable  and stretchable elastic fabric, it is stretchable...

Spiral Notebook - Spiral Lock wire prevents coil snags
Spiral Notebook

Spiral notebook, a wire-bound lined notebooks, with variety of sizes A4, A5, A6 size. Spiral...

Spiral Wire Notebook - Colorado Notebook
Spiral Wire Notebook

Make your perforated writing notebook with the bright two-tone color combination. The cover...

PP Spiral Notebook - Polka Dot Sprial Notebook
PP Spiral Notebook

The spiral notebook includes a white dot on the colorful cover, makes your writing more fun and cheerful....

PP Twin Wire Notebook - Geometric Compact Notebook
PP Twin Wire Notebook

Leos' spiral A5 notebook has an intricate geographic print embossed onto its graph paper cover...

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Founded in 1991 in Taiwan, Leos' specializes in manufacturing durable and functional plastic office supplies. Their product range includes Notebooks, PP binders, folders, expanding files, ring binders, and sheet protectors, manufactured with a focus on quality, innovation, and environmental sustainability. Leos' serves the B2B markets, offering customized solutions that combine practical design with advanced manufacturing techniques. This approach ensures high performance and satisfaction in professional environments.

Our extensive product line includes PP files, lever arch files, expanding files, ring binders and sheet protectors designed to improve office efficiency and organization. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, we serve global B2B markets and provide customized solutions to meet diverse business needs. Trust Leos' to deliver exceptional office products that combine durability, functionality and environmentally friendly practices.

Leos' has been providing customers wholesale PP files for business, both with advanced technology and 32 years of experience, Leos' ensures each customer's requirements are met.