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Leos' Clipboard Service Introduction

Leos' Quality Products Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Clipboard supplier and manufacturer with more than 30 years experence. Since 1991, in the Stationery Industry, Leos' has been offering our customers high quality Clipboard production service. With both advanced technology and 30 years experience, Leos' always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Plastic clipboards are ideal for everyday use, whether at school, the office, or home, the Leos' clipboard not only provides a useful place to store forms and documents for easy access, but it also offers a conveniently portable, smooth, hard writing surface. A clipboard works great for anything from medical forms to work applications or inventory sheets. Write comfortably from anywhere, no desk needed.

  • PP Foam Clipboard
    PP Foam Clipboard

    The clipboard is one of the common office produce which is widely used in office, school and various places. <b>PP foam material</b> is a three-layer material that makes thicker pp sheet more lightweight and available made in bi-colors to give the product a colorful and attractive look. The clipboard Includes a metal wire clip to hold the documents tightly and easy to use. Leos’ clipboards have various format in A4 size (single and double panel), A5 size and A6 size. We are able to offer private label service to put your logo and brand on product by logo stamping, product sticker or leaflet.

  • Translucent Clipboard
    Translucent Clipboard

    The clipboard is made from <b>transparent PS material</b> which is rigid and strong and available in various size, A4, A5 or A6. It is easy writing on the flat board surface. The retractable hanging loop is ideal for hanging at working space, school or home. The metal wire clip on top can hold up to 80 - 100 sheets of paper. It is great to increase your classroom and office productivity by bringing your learning and working mobile with our lightweight and strong clipboards. MOQ is 3000pcs per color per order.

  • Rigid Clipboard
    Rigid Clipboard

    Leos' opaque color clipboard comes from <b>ABS material</b>, including a pen holder. Vertical and horizontal style is designed to hold A4 or A5 size paper by different needs. The clipboard is great for on-the-go use, taking notes or inventory. When you are in need of a portable writing surface for your medical practice, office, the classroom, or any other purpose, you cannot go wrong with these premium clipboards. High quality and reliable clip secure papers in place, comfortably holds up to 40 sheets of paper.

  • Vinyl Folding Clipboard
    Vinyl Folding Clipboard

    Open portfolio and fold the cover back to use as a traditional clipboard. Equipped with a wire clip mechanism that prevents paper from slipping, secure pad and loose materials. The folding clipboard is durable construction and attractive sealed vinyl cover to keeps papers protected. A pocket is included on the inside cover as well, so you can capture stray sheets or cards or keep reference information visible at all times. Include a pen loop. Suitable for office, business department, schools, and other units of staff.

  • Clipboard

    Leos' Silkrado clipboard is perfect for any work out of the office on foot, or work on site. A fold-over design cover can preserve the pages inside, and the metal clip to hold the papers securely, A transparent pocket on the inside cover to hold up any stray sheets or cards. Leos' clipboard is great for on-the-go use, taking notes or meeting recaps and suitable for office, school and home users. There are a total of 4 metallic colors, MOQ per color is 3000pcs and the shipment is based on FOB Yantian port, China.

  • A4 Clipboard
    A4 Clipboard

    Leos' <b>PP foam</b> clipboard which is printed with twill patter and 5 beautiful colors, looks modern and stylish. The clipboard includes A4 size or A5 size, the cover is made of PP Foam sheet which is durable and water-resistant. Fitted with a strong metal clamp to keep pads and papers firmly in place. The pull-out suspension eye to hanging on the wall. Leos' printed clipboards are especially suitable for Students, Teachers, Office Workers from Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Stores, Banks, Offices and so on.

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