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Based in Taiwan, Leos' Quality Products Co., Ltd., since 1991, is an office and school stationery supplier. Main products, including Expanding File, dry erase pocket, binder, filing folder, desktop organizer, foam board folder, bang and case, etc.

A dedicated OEM office and school stationery manufacturer with a plant that has 14,000 square meters and over 250 highly trained, experienced, and skilled staff. Leos' follows the international quality check rule of AQL1.0 / 4.0 on all of our production line till the product is shipped.

Leos' has been offering customers high-quality office and school stationery, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Leos' ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • The set includes PP clip file folder, two pocket folder, flap folder, notebooks, sliding sorter, expanding file, and zipper binder, etc. Also, we can provide other kind stationery as your request.

  • Leos' Quality Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter that providing high-quality products, professional ability and knowledge of production, quick delivery time, and prompt customer service. We have various types of expanding file, such as ladder expanding file, accordion expanding file, expandable file with elastic band or buckle closure, and pocket sorter, etc. There also are different pockets for your reference. Whether you need 12, 13, 24, or 26 pockets. The multi-pocket organizer folder keeps your files safe with this accordion-style file folder that features a protective cover flap secured by an elastic cord and button closure. It is ideal for home, office, school, and the business trip to organize your documents, vouchers, bills and files tidy and neatly.

  • Expanding File Wallet
    Expanding File Wallet

    The document expanding file wallet is made of durable PP, tear-proof and water-proof, odorless, and non-toxic material. The flexible flap cover with button closure is easy to open/close and keeps the content secure. The metal reinforced buckles on the four corners provide strong protection and transparent surface keeps the contents visible and easy identification. The product size is 36.5 x 28.5 x 6.5 cm, available to load approx. 800 sheets of A4 size paper. The wallet has a pocket on flap with insert card which can be customized and make it easy to organized by name or subjects. The expanding file wallet can hold multiple documents, good for school / office / home use, such as study projects, business presentations, stationery, electrical manuals, notebooks, insurance policy or other important documents.

  • Elastic Band Expanding File
    Elastic Band Expanding File

    The expanding file folder with seven or 13pockets for organizing and storing important papers or documents, made from polypropylene and available in a variety of colors holds up to 900 sheets. Super durable poly material provides waterproof and tear-resistant, 7 or 13 individual pockets are available you can insert the colored tabs to classify the papers easily. And the full-size elastic band closure allows you the wrap the important documents up in a minute and safe transport the important papers.

  • Expanding File
    Expanding File

    Leos' expandable file folder comes in an assortment of colors and sizes. Choose from blue, pink, orange, purple, black, or green. Made from recyclable polypropylene plastic material which offers durability, strength, and a sharp, trendy look as well as being resistant to scratches. Every expanding file comes with an elastic band and button closure. Sizes include A4 / Letter size, Check size, and the smaller Coupon size. No matter what size or color choice, they all include 6 tabs and 7 pockets for plenty of storage and organization.

  • Quick-Close Expanding File
    Quick-Close Expanding File

    Quick-lock expanding file folder with seven or 13 pockets for organizing and sorting important papers or documents, made from polypropylene and available in a variety of colors holds up to 900 sheets. Super durable poly material provides waterproof and tear-resistant performance 7 or 13 individual pockets are available you can insert the colored tabs to classify papers easily. And the frisbee elastic band closure allows you to close and open up the files in a very short time. Suitable for office and home use for A4, Letter, FC, Legal size expanding file is available.

  • Quick-lock Expanding File
    Quick-lock Expanding File

    Quick-lock expanding file, 13 pocket plastic buckle lock expandable file, made from polypropylene and available in a variety of colors holds up to 900 sheets. The super durable poly material provides the waterproof and tear-resistant performance you can insert the colored tabs to classify papers easily. A nice plastic buckle closure, allows you to close and open up the expandable files in a very short time and access to the documents you need, it's portable and suitable no matter for office or home file.

  • Ladder Expanding File
    Ladder Expanding File

    The accordion file folder, 13 pocket ladder expanding files, unique ladder shape pockets stitching around the edge to give a deluxe look, made from polypropylene, a bring a way to file and documents. The super durable poly material provides waterproof and tear-resistant performance. The desktop and portable design suitable for home and office use, with an elastic tie and frisbee closure, can securely hold up the manuals or important documents free from falling off, the colored paper tabs insert allows you to classify papers easily.

  • 13 Pockets Expanding File
    13 Pockets Expanding File

    The two-tone color 13 expanding file provides your filing system in style and modern. The cover is made of polypropylene which is durable and ware-resistant. The expanding file includes 13pockets and color code tabs for making it ideal for storing bills, letters, invoices and other documents in the home or office. It is an easy way to organize paperwork and transporting A4 documents. Elastic band with frisbee closure for added security. MOQ is 3000pcs per color per order and shipment is based on FOB Yantian port, China.

  • Quick-Closure Expanding File
    Quick-Closure Expanding File

    The file cover with colored expanding pockets gives the whole product two-tone style and creative way for your filing works. The elastic band with frisbee closure on top to quickly close and open. 13 colored expandable pockets with a non-insertable tab for store your documents, reports and loose papers. The file includes white stickers for users to write subjects for easy classification. MOQ is 3000pcs per color per order. The product spec and colors are available being customized by OEM and ODM project.

  • PP Expanding Coupon File
    PP Expanding Coupon File

    The desktop Coupon File is great for organizing your coupons and receipts. The file is made of durable polypropylene, water-resistant and environmentally friendly, and it expands fully at both the top and the bottom to provide ample storage space for your documents. 12 tabs, 13 pockets include insertable color-code tabs for easy classification. Elastic band closure of the expanding file keeps your contents secure and safe. MOQ is 3000pcs per order per color. Leos' provides service on customized design, logo stamping, and printing service to the customer by OEM / ODM projects.

  • PP Desktop Expanding File
    PP Desktop Expanding File

    The desktop Expanding File is great for organizing large amounts of paperwork. Pockets not only expand on top but also on the bottom of this roomy, self-standing desktop organizer. 13 pockets hold plenty of A4 or Letter size pages comfortably. Durable poly material is tear and water-resistant and environmentally friendly with Acid-free and PVC free polypropylene. 12 tabs inside will allow clearly labeled pockets. A front-loading zip mesh bag keeps accessories together. A colorful design of white dots on a colored background.

  • PP Vertical Expanding File
    PP Vertical Expanding File

    The vertical Expanding File is perfect for keeping a backpack tidy. 7 separate pockets help to manage in a variety of ways. The poly (PP) material makes sliding A4 or Letter size paper in and out with ease. The superior expanding file folder comes with an elastic band and frisbee enclosure so papers always stay in place. Leos' Vertical Expanding File comes in a variety of the latest fashionable colors and a polka-dot design cover. The portrait orientation design makes transport a breeze.

  • PP Sliding Pocket Folder
    PP Sliding Pocket Folder

    This poly 3-Sliding Pocket Folder keeps documents organized, accessible, and well-protected. Store A4 or letter-size documents in 3 sliding pockets that are easy to use. Simply slide open to access or store paper. Durable translucent poly is wear-resistant, tear-resistant, and moisture-resistant. As well as offering a view of what's inside. Elastic hook-and-loop closure on the flap also helps keep papers secure. Comes in a range of dynamic colors with white polka-dots with OEM / ODM options applicable.

  • PP Sliding Pocket Folder
    PP Sliding Pocket Folder

    Leos' sliding sorter is made of eco-friendly PP material which makes it durable. Besides, sliding down and you can see there are four left filing capacity can be used for more file organizing. Also, elastic band closure helps to protect your items from falling out and this geographic design is very fashion and attractive on the desk. The elastic band can hold the file by a hook on the wall for space-saving. Leos' offer various of filing products in Geometric series for your selection. We welcome customized pattern or logo design.

  • PP 13 Pockets Expanding File
    PP 13 Pockets Expanding File

    This expanding file with 13 pockets can let you put abundant files in it. With an attached elastic band can prevent the paper from falling off, keeps your important documents safe and secure. Besides, multi-tabs allow for quick classification and easy access to see where documents are filed. This pocket folder is a convenient way to store and organize files. Also, it's ideal for storing all kinds of documents and perfect for daily filing. MOQ is 3000pcs per color per order, and trade term is based on FOB Yantian port, China.

  • PP Expanding File
    PP Expanding File

    The overall foil pattern gives Leos' stationery files in fashion and creative style. The flexible cover is made from polypropylene material and scoring lines on the spine are easy to open and close. The file includes 12 tabs and 13 pockets for plenty of storage and organization. The color code inserts for each tab to help you write subjects and easy classification. Each file contains elastic band closure to keep your documents neat and secure. The available size is A4 or Letter size, and MOQ is 3000pcs per color per order.

  • 13 Pockets Expanding File
    13 Pockets Expanding File

    Leos' offers various kinds of expanding file in our line. The desktop expanding file folder is one of the practical and useful filing products to help you organized your documents. The file is made from foam polypropylene, with elegant and beautiful metallic color slik-like texture, the expandable bottom gussets make the file stand on the desk firmly. The file includes 12insertable tabs and 13 pockets for A4 size or smaller papers, along with color code tabs to write subjects for easy classification. MOQ per color is 3000pcs per order.

  • Vertical Expanding File
    Vertical Expanding File

    Leos' Silkrado line of products is a sleek and elegant way to organize papers. Vertical Expanding Files are able to store A4 sized paper in an organized way with 12 tabs and 13 pockets. It's very suitable for the work-from-home era. Silkrado products are constructed with a fine fabric webbing that gives the product a metallic and beautiful sheen but is durable and long-lasting as well. Each Expanding File comes with a die cut plastic handle for ease of carrying. The inner material is made of a foam polypropylene and offers an expandable gusset.

  • Expanding File
    Expanding File

    Portable Expanding File is great for storing a large number of documents. Leos' file is made of the plastic sheet with pastel color, the flap is with a scoring line for easy opening. 12tabs, 13 pockets to put your important documents, papers, school materials, etc. The file includes color code tabs to write the subject and insert into tab pocket for easy classification. Another size is to check size expanding file, suitable to put bills, checks, and notes. Pastel color products are suitable for office, school, and home users even promotion products market. OEM / ODM project is welcomed.

  • Sliding Pocket Folder
    Sliding Pocket Folder

    Leos' slide sorter is one of our popular products. It's Made of Poly sheet, eco-friendly and soft pastel colors which provide the product nice look and attractive. 3 sliding pockets, a total of 4 pockets file expands as each section slides apart for easy access and visibility, and organized. Elastic band with frisbee closure is easy to open and close securely. The folder is compact and flat design, and the clear pockets offer a view of what's inside, it's easy to put into the back when going out for school, office and different business occasions.

  • Horizontal Expandable File
    Horizontal Expandable File

    The sturdy and durable expanding file is made of PP foam sheet, thick but lightweight. The cover includes twill pattern printing on cover, looks soft and own-style. 13 individual expanding pockets, horizontal type storage your documents, papers and files, include color code tabs to help you classification and organization. Stand up style with extra expansion, and portable die-cuts on the cover is easy to move. Capacity is up to 350 sheets. 5 beautiful colors expanding files are available in our product line.

  • Vertical Expandable File
    Vertical Expandable File

    Leos' vertical expandable file, the Cover material is PP Foam sheet, thicker then PP sheet, and durable. The surface is printed with a twill pattern which provides a modern style of your own stationery. 13 individual expanding pockets are great to help your documents get organized, include color code tabs for writing subjects and easy classification. Stand up style for easy access and extra expansion. Leos' has 2 types expanding file of this serious - vertical and horizontal type for your choices, the cover can be OEM / ODM design by customer's requirement.

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