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Based in Taiwan, Leos' Quality Products Co., Ltd., since 1991, is an office and school stationery supplier. Main products, including Document Case, dry erase pocket, binder, filing folder, desktop organizer, foam board folder, bang and case, etc.

A dedicated OEM office and school stationery manufacturer with a plant that has 14,000 square meters and over 250 highly trained, experienced, and skilled staff. Leos' follows the international quality check rule of AQL1.0 / 4.0 on all of our production line till the product is shipped.

Leos' has been offering customers high-quality office and school stationery, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Leos' ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • Leos' with 30 years of manufacturing experience in the plastic stationery industry, introduce advanced technology equipment and automation production lines. Our business includes research, production, sales, and after-sale service. There are different kinds of filing products that could help users like office workers, students get their documents, homework, or important papers organized and easily accessible.

  • There are many different kinds of document case that you can choose from, such as document case with a handle, 3-flap folders, file cases with buckle/elastic/velcro fastener lock, etc. Elasticated closure ensures documents are kept together securely. A push-lock clasp closure and welded sides keep contents safe and secure. Leos' elasticated box file is hardwearing and stylish. It's suitable for School Stationery & Office Supply.

  • Portable File Case
    Portable File Case

    Portable case, document case, is made of durable Polypropylene material, waterproof and tear-resistant. Suitable for A4 or Letter size papers, it's neat and portable while transporting documents in office or school. The tuck-in closure device allows the user to keep the contents secure and safe, great for filing important papers and report files. Available in two capacities: 25mm (250 sheets) and 60mm (600 sheets) in 6 colors blue, red, green, orange, purple and black. Leos' accept any customized design on document case no matter size and color change or print patterns and logo stamping as a promotional product.

  • Document Case
    Document Case

    Leos' document case is great for holding important papers and documents, made of durable and recyclable pp material, with frisbee and elastic band closure to keep your files in neat and secure. Box capacity 25mm holds up to 250 sheets papers, where you can put your pen case, notebooks, calculators into one case with you for the meeting or school. Assorted in 6 colors blue, red, green, orange, purple and black. The outer surface can be made with different printing design, company logo stamping or different closure.

  • Elastic Closure Document Case
    Elastic Closure Document Case

    Document case helps you to keep your filing simple, smart and safe. Ideal for storage of loose papers, A4 size and made of durable poly material, waterproof and tear-resistant. The elastic band closure for easy close and open, capacity 25mm holds up to 250 sheet papers. Assorted in 6 colors blue, red, green, orange, purple and black. Leos' also accept customized design to print your pattern design or logo stamped on the box to give your item more attractive and advertising purpose, on box size, color, and closure can be changed by customer's requirement.

  • Touch-lock Document Case
    Touch-lock Document Case

    The touch-lock Document case, designed for carrying reports, assignments, brochures, etc, are made of color PP sheet, lightweight, durable and reusable. Suitable for A4 and letter size document storage with capacity 20mm can hold up to 200 sheets of paper, the push-lock clasp closure and welded sides keep contents safe and secure. Hot selling 6 opaque colors are: blue, red, green, orange, purple and black. The cover of the box can be made with offset printing pattern or company logo stamping as advertising or promotional items. As for the box size, color and closure can be changed by customer's requirement.

  • Document Case with Handle
    Document Case with Handle

    Leos' document case with handle is designed with durability in mind. They are strong, rigid, and resist tearing, water, and scratches. Great for on-the-go or for throwing into a locker. Each case comes with a plastic handle on a swivel allowing it to be stored or carried as see fit. The carrying case is designed to hold, both, A4 and Letter sized documents. A width of 45mm ensures plenty of space to hold and transport documents. A fold over flap with a rugged and strong snap-pin plastic clip to lock in place.

  • Vertical File Case
    Vertical File Case

    Simplistic and elegantly designed data case is ideal for loading and retrieving documents or other loose items due to the top loading style construction. Simply open the convenient tuck-in style closure with a simple finger pull. Along the spine of the data case includes a space for labeling and identification. Comes in two different sizes: a 22mm width or a 60mm width. Each size secures plenty of A4 sized documents, reports, or spreadsheets. Leos' data case is composed of an enduring PP material.

  • String Closure Flap Folder
    String Closure Flap Folder

    Leos' flap folder with a two-tone color combination that offers a stylish and secure method of paper storage. The file includes an elastic band and three internal flaps to prevent the papers from falling out and keep your important documents, reports, and projects secure. The folder holds up to 50sheets of A4 papers. A simple, compact and lightweight method of storing and transporting documents and the Folder will also keep papers dry and clean. MOQ: 3000pcs per color per order, shipment is based on FOB Yantian port, China.

  • String Closure Document Case
    String Closure Document Case

    A beautiful two-tone color construction that is durable, stylish, and resistant to scratching makes Leos' Document Case a wonderful way to quickly and easily store documents or projects. Effortlessly store A4 or Letter sizes with an elastic band that holds everything in place. The case has a 25mm width allows loading plenty of sheets and keeps them protected using high quality, resilient plastic (polypropylene). Document cases are perfect for organizing and/or storing in bags or on shelves.

  • PP Pocket File
    PP Pocket File

    Standard A4 / Letter Pocket File helps store large amounts of documents, while also keeping them conveniently accessible. Made from a heavyweight poly with reinforced, stitched edging. The gusset resists tearing and is wear-resistant, offering longevity with an incredible finish. Leos' Pocket File offers a strong elastic band on the cover to keep the pocket clasped shut and its contents secure. Two name card holders etched onto the front flap to keep organized. Comes in 6 vibrant colors with customization available.

  • PP Vertical Pocket File
    PP Vertical Pocket File

    Vertical Pocket File is a great way to keep documents orderly while placed inside a backpack or container. Easily accommodates your growing projects and bulky files. A4 and Letter size pages insert efficiently while the portrait orientation allows for quick loading and accessibility. The robust polypropylene material keeps it's intended shape and design through years of use. Bright and fun colors help this product stand out from the rest of the pack. Includes an easy to use an elastic band and frisbee (button) closure.

  • PP Document Case
    PP Document Case

    Document box files one of the most organized ways to keep paperwork together. Leos' documents cases are designed with durability and lightweight in mind and the hot-foil pattern on cover provides your storage file in style and elegant look. The folders for documents and passports with width 25mm to hold A4 or smaller size of documents and reports. and the case can be easily stored and put away in drawers, shelves or somewhere of your choice ready for reference. Elastic band closure keeps your papers neat and secure. MOQ is 3000pcs per color per order.

  • Carry Document Case
    Carry Document Case

    The portable filing system features a strong, heavy-duty construction that is durable yet lightweight. The carry data case is made from a foam polypropylene sheet, with silk-like texture in various chich and smooth metallic colors. The case comes with a retractable to carry or keep it flat, and though-lock flap keeps the contents safe and secure, and ideal for A4 size or smaller size documents, it is suitable for office and home use. MOQ is 3000 pcs per color per order. Any color or spec requirement by the customized project is welcomed.

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