Manufacturing of File Folder and Expanding File Stationery Set with Geometric Design | Explore Durable File Folders & Expanding Files from Taiwan's Leading Manufacturer

Trendy Geometric Pattern Filing Stationery | Leos' - A professional manufacturer of high quality plastic office supply and stationery products.

Trendy Geometric Pattern Filing Stationery

PP Geometric Filing Stationery Series

Manufacturing of File Folder and Expanding File Stationery Set with Geometric Design

The Geometric printing set includes PP clip file folder, two pocket folder, flap folder, notebooks, sliding sorter, expanding file, and zipper binder, etc. Also, we can provide other kind stationery as your request.

Contact us directly to get the suitable stationery and let your work more efficiently.

Our art deco inspired collection, a series of vibrant triangles stenciled onto opaque polypropylene create subtle patterns. We chose shades of blue and grey with black and white for a chic, minimalist color scheme.

PP Geometric Filing Stationery Series

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PP Swing Clip File - Geometric Swing Clip File
PP Swing Clip File

Leos' swing clip file can help you to collect files easily. With the "swing clip" design, your...

PP Twin Pocket Folder - Geometric Twin Pocket Folder
PP Twin Pocket Folder

Keeping your papers organized with this two pockets folder, which is made of eco-friendly PP material...

PP 3 Flap Folder - Geometric Flap Folder
PP 3 Flap Folder

Leos' flap folder with elastic closure is great for storing papers and files in your office....

PP Twin Wire Notebook - Geometric Compact Notebook
PP Twin Wire Notebook

Leos' spiral A5 notebook has an intricate geographic print embossed onto its graph paper cover...

PP Sliding Pocket Folder - Geometric Sliding Sorter
PP Sliding Pocket Folder

Leos' sliding sorter is made of eco-friendly PP material which makes it durable. Besides, sliding...

13 Pockets Expanding File - Geometric Expanding File
13 Pockets Expanding File

This expanding file with 13 pockets can let you put abundant files in it. With an attached...

PP Zipper Binder - Geometric Zipper Binder
PP Zipper Binder

Built to last Zipper Binder is made from a durable plastic that allows this binder to stand...

Result 1 - 7 of 7

PP Geometric Filing Stationery Series | Customizable Ring Binders for Business Needs – Leos' Expert Solutions

Founded in 1991 in Taiwan, Leos' specializes in manufacturing durable and functional plastic office supplies. Their product range includes PP Geometric Filing Stationery Series, PP binders, folders, expanding files, ring binders, and sheet protectors, manufactured with a focus on quality, innovation, and environmental sustainability. Leos' serves the B2B markets, offering customized solutions that combine practical design with advanced manufacturing techniques. This approach ensures high performance and satisfaction in professional environments.

Our extensive product line includes PP files, lever arch files, expanding files, ring binders and sheet protectors designed to improve office efficiency and organization. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, we serve global B2B markets and provide customized solutions to meet diverse business needs. Trust Leos' to deliver exceptional office products that combine durability, functionality and environmentally friendly practices.

Leos' has been providing customers wholesale PP files for business, both with advanced technology and 32 years of experience, Leos' ensures each customer's requirements are met.