Leos' 2021 New Products Release for COVID-19 | Innovative Filing Solutions: PP and PVC Products by Leos' Quality Products Co.

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Leos' Epidemic Prevention Products

Leos' 2021 New Products Release for COVID-19

In the year 2020, Covid-19 spreads worldwide and causes many people infection and death. In order to have better protection for your daily life, Leos’ provide various epidemic products, such as mask holder, mask lanyard, and desk shield, etc, which are durable and reusable, ideal for use at the office, school, and home.

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15 Jun, 2021 Leos'
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3 Layer Medical Mask - Taiwan-made face masks are proved to be excellent in filtering the air after testing By wearing Taiwan-made face masks, users can breath easily and get complete protection at the same time
3 Layer Medical Mask

Air pollution in Taiwan is getting more and more serious. Face masks must be perfectly attached to the face to effectively isolate the virus and toxic...

Black Face Mask Lanyard - Keep your ears away from the pain of wearing a mask for a long time
Black Face Mask Lanyard

The adjustable face mask lanyards neck strap is made of polyester fiber, and light-weight soft. Just hang the mask on your chest, it won't get mask dirt...

Face Shield - Face Shield Demo
Face Shield

The transparent face cover shield is sized 13" x 8.73" ( 330 x 220mm), which can provide you all-round protection from yes to mouth, the full face shield...

PP Desk Shield - PP Desk Shield
PP Desk Shield
DS-PP-01 / 02

The desk shield is made of PP eco-friendly material which is durable and washable. And it is easy to clean with soft cloth & soapy water. It can be used...

Mask Holder - Face Mask Holder
Mask Holder

The portable mask cover holder is made of eco-friendly PP material, lightweight and durable. There are 2 pockets inside for new mask storage, just in case...


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Leos' 2021 New Products Release for COVID-19 | Innovative Filing Solutions: PP and PVC Products by Leos' Quality Products Co.

Founded in 1991 in Taiwan, Leos' specializes in manufacturing durable and functional plastic office supplies. Their product range includes PP binders, folders, expanding files, ring binders, and sheet protectors, manufactured with a focus on quality, innovation, and environmental sustainability. Leos' serves the B2B markets, offering customized solutions that combine practical design with advanced manufacturing techniques. This approach ensures high performance and satisfaction in professional environments.

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