PP Foam Office Stationery Kit with Silk Etchings from China Exporter and Manufacturer | Explore Durable File Folders & Expanding Files from Taiwan's Leading Manufacturer

Made from foam polypropylene, metallic texture, metallic colors. | Leos' - A professional manufacturer of high quality plastic office supply and stationery products.

Made from foam polypropylene, metallic texture, metallic colors.

PP Foam Metallic Filing Stationery Series

PP Foam Office Stationery Kit with Silk Etchings from China Exporter and Manufacturer

Leos' classic metallic colors of achievement. There are kinds of various organization, such as ring binder, lever arch file, document case, expanding file, clipboard, and notebook, etc.

Silkrado speaks of success in tones of industry and progress. Each piece is textured with silk etchings, a subtle touch to the elegance of this range.

PP Foam Metallic Filing Stationery Series

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Ring Binder - Silkrado Ring Binder
Ring Binder

Leos' is the manufacturer of PP and Vinyl stationery products over 30 years, and provide the wide...

Lever Arch File - Silkrado Lever Arch File
Lever Arch File

The Silkrado document binder comes in a metallic color range with slik-like texture which gives...

Carry Document Case - Silkrado Carry Data Case
Carry Document Case

The portable filing system features a strong, heavy-duty construction that is durable yet lightweight....

13 Pockets Expanding File - Silkrado Desktop Expanding File
13 Pockets Expanding File

Leos' offers various kinds of expanding file in our line. The desktop expanding file folder...

Vertical Expanding File - Silkrado Vertical Expanding File
Vertical Expanding File

Leos' Silkrado line of products is a sleek and elegant way to organize papers. Vertical Expanding...

Foldable Clipboard - Silkrado Clipboard
Foldable Clipboard

Leos' Silkrado clipboard is perfect for any work out of the office on foot, or work on site....

Handy Spiral Notebook - Silkrado Handy Notebook
Handy Spiral Notebook

Leos' handy notebook in Silkrado series is a unique design, the cover is made of PP foam sheet...

Carry Padfolio - Silkrado Carry Padfolio
Carry Padfolio

A Carry Pad folio is the perfect addition to any home or office. It fits A4 or Letter sheets....

Result 1 - 8 of 8

PP Foam Metallic Filing Stationery Series | Customizable Ring Binders for Business Needs – Leos' Expert Solutions

Founded in 1991 in Taiwan, Leos' specializes in manufacturing durable and functional plastic office supplies. Their product range includes PP Foam Metallic Filing Stationery Series, PP binders, folders, expanding files, ring binders, and sheet protectors, manufactured with a focus on quality, innovation, and environmental sustainability. Leos' serves the B2B markets, offering customized solutions that combine practical design with advanced manufacturing techniques. This approach ensures high performance and satisfaction in professional environments.

Our extensive product line includes PP files, lever arch files, expanding files, ring binders and sheet protectors designed to improve office efficiency and organization. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, we serve global B2B markets and provide customized solutions to meet diverse business needs. Trust Leos' to deliver exceptional office products that combine durability, functionality and environmentally friendly practices.

Leos' has been providing customers wholesale PP files for business, both with advanced technology and 32 years of experience, Leos' ensures each customer's requirements are met.