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Leos' Ring Binder Service Introduction

Leos' Quality Products Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Ring Binder supplier and manufacturer with more than 25 years experence. Since 1991, in the Stationery Industry, Leos' has been offering our customers high quality Ring Binder production service. With both advanced technology and 25 years experience, Leos' always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Ring Binders are one of common office and school stationery that we are daily using. Leos' provides a variation of sizes including 0.5", 1", 1.5" and 2", different ring type such as O-ring, D-Ring, 2 rings, 3 rings, and 4 rings for your personal use choices and ideas for look reports, homework or conference materials.

  • Dual opening and closing triggers make the round 2, 3 and 4 ring binder hold paper well. Normal size, hot and commonly used color, make the binder perfect for school, coordinating your office, home, other daily use, or special projects. Clear view covers and spine allow quick and easy binder customization. The wider panels cover most dividers and sheet protectors.

  • Non-stick material is archival safe for documents and photos. Leos' pockets won't transfer ink from your pages. Hole punched for 3-ring binders, great odds and ends storage for scrapbooking supplies and project binders.

  • Polka Dot Series PP 3 Ring Binder
    Polka Dot Series PP 3 Ring Binder

    Leos' specialized in PP filing stationery products over 25 years and provide a wide range of office and school supplies. Ring-binder is one of our popular filing stationery categories. The cover is made of PP material and soft touch, Eco-friendly and recyclable. The polka dot pattern on the cover makes your filing more fun and great for school and home. Leos' offer various ring types like 2, 3, 4 rings and capacity 1", 1.5" and 2" to help you organized your projects, reports, and documents. OEM and ODM request are welcomed.

  • Geometric PP Zipper Binder
    Geometric PP Zipper Binder

    Built to last Zipper Binder is made from a durable plastic that allows this binder to stand up to the heaviest wear and tear. It holds A4 or Letter sized documents using a ring binder mechanism. This zipper binder has multiple options for number of rings preferred. Rings available include: 2, 3, or a 4-ring mechanism. The exterior is made from a tough polypropylene material and comes in a very pleasing geometric pattern. To close the binder and secure its contents simply use the high-quality zipper closure.

  • Padded Fabric Ring Binder
    Padded Fabric Ring Binder

    Leos' products are available made from various material for customer's different market demand. Kilvington ring binder is made from durable poly-wrapped with stylish fabric front cover, the binder surface has a luxury look and it is suitable for office or personal use to store important documents and projects. The fabric cover is easy to hold and carry with. The ring capacity is 1", 2", 3" and 4 rings mechanism holds up to 175 sheets. Inside two pockets with slot help you keep extra documents, name cards, and memos.

  • Gold Foil PP O Ring Binder
    Gold Foil PP O Ring Binder

    Leos' foil collection blends tones to embody the sophistication of precious metals and make your daily filing products in style. Leos' ring binder file is made of eco-friendly poly materials. 2 O-ring mechanism holds the documents securely and capacity is about 80 sheets of punched paper. It's great for organizing your documents at school, office or home. MOQ is 3000pcs per color per order, and the shipment is based on FOB Yantian port, China. The foil pattern can be customized by your design.

  • Metallic Look Ring Binder
    Metallic Look Ring Binder

    Leos' is the manufacturer of PP and Vinyl stationery products over 25 years, and provide the wide application of materials on producing office and school supplies. Ring-binders come from PP foam poly sheet with a flexible hinge, durable and easily open and close, and include various capacity by 0.5", 1", 1.5" and more, planning for storage budgets, presentations, conferences records, and your projects. The silk-like texture with smooth metallic colors makes your file high-quality look. Inside pocket for storing extra notes or loose papers and cards.

  • Pastel Zipper Binder
    Pastel Zipper Binder

    Leos' Zipper Binder is made from a durable plastic that allows this binder to stand up and it holds A4 or Letter-sized documents using a ring binder mechanism, capacity is 80 sheets paper. The zipper binder has multiple options on 2, 3 or 4-ring mechanism. The high-quality zipper closure is easy to open and close and keeps the content inside secure. The cover materials come from soft-touch PP materials with pastel colors, it's suitable for school, office and home users as a convenient filing tool.

  • Pastel A5 Ring Binder
    Pastel A5 Ring Binder

    Single A5 slim ring binder is made of polypropylene and soft pastel colors. Include 2 ring mechanism, 16mm capacity for A5 size papers, documents storage. Compact, easy to put into bag or backpack. The ring file is suitable for school, office and home use and it can be filing with an extra tool like sheet protectors or index dividers to make your file more organized. MOQ is 3000pcs per color per order. The trading term is based on FOB China Port. OEM / ODM project is welcomed. Leos' also provide different size binders such as A4 size, Letter size for your selection.

  • 11 Holes Binder Pockets
    11 Holes Binder Pockets

    Binder pockets made of durable polypropylene in A4 / Letter size with 11 holes punched zipper binder pouch bag, waterproof loose leaf bag document filing sleeves fits for most of ring binders and folders, such as 2 / 3 / 4 ring binder, each pocket can hold up to 40 sheets of paper. Fit A4 / Letter size paper or other smaller paper sizes, suitable for any occasions, lightweight and easy to carry, great document organizer protectors for home, office, meeting, school use, and travel. This is great zipper binder pocket to protect and store your bills and invoices, money, vouchers, name card, credit cards, files, and reports, etc., without having to hole punch them, convenient, fast, and maintain the integrity inside in the bag.

  • Butterfly Flap Folder
    Butterfly Flap Folder

    Butterfly flap folder made of durable polypropylene in A4 / Letter size with 11 holes punched file bag, waterproof, loose leaf as bag document filing sleeves fits for most of ring binders and folders, such as 2 / 3 / 4 ring binder. Using three flaps welded together concept, so the file holder looks like a butterfly that's the name come from, come and act to present your stylish idea by using this beautifully shaped pockets. Hot selling colors are blue, red, orange, green, clear and Gray. And Leos' also accept customized design on special colors & sizes.

  • Twin-Pocket Snap Folder
    Twin-Pocket Snap Folder

    Twin Pocket snap folder, Poly Snap-in Two-Pocket Folder, Letter Size, with Assorted Colors. Durable poly material is tear-proof and water-resistant. This twin pocket snap folder can keep documents organized and safe. Two-pocket folders are a great choice when your documents need to be easily accessible, secure and ready to go at a moment's notice. These two-pocket folders are three-hole punched with slits to easily snap in and out of three-ring binders. The snap-in feature allows you to easily remove both folders and documents without opening binder rings. The last thing is the two large pockets hold up big volumes of paper sheets up to 25 each.

  • Ring Binder
    Ring Binder

    Ring-binders come from the durable poly sheet with a flexible hinge, easy open and close, and include various capacity by 0.5", 1", 1.5", A4 size or Letter size for a different market. Ring binders are one of the most convenient and common filing products, planning for storage budgets, presentations, conferences records, and your projects. Leos' also have many accessories available for ring binders such as index dividers, sheet protectors to help you more organized. MOQ is 3000 pcs per color per item, and we accept customer's special requirement by OEM / ODM project.

  • Poly Cardboard Ring Binder
    Poly Cardboard Ring Binder

    Not only vinyl binders but Leos' is also capable to make binders which cover is made from PP sheet wrapped with cardboard, Eco-friendly recyclable. The textured PP sheet provides your binder stylish and nice look, include rust-resistant 1 inch round rings with a double trigger to hold up to 225 sheets. Binder includes two inside pockets gives extra storage for loose documents or unpunched pages. A4 size, Letter size, and different rings capacity are available to supply. MOQ is 3000 pcs per color per order.

  • Vinyl Binder / Vinyl View Binder
    Vinyl Binder / Vinyl View Binder

    Simple is the smart way to go. For convenient organization of documents, it doesn't get much simpler than Leos' handy Vinyl Binder and Vinyl View Binders. Three 1.0" round rings hold documents securely. Easily flip through notes or reports and more without getting pages out of order. Fit loose pages into two interior pockets for easy access. On Vinyl View Binders there is a outer pocket that documents, reports, or pictures can easily slide in and be viewed during presentations or meetings.

  • Vinyl D-Ring Binder
    Vinyl D-Ring Binder

    Leos' D ring binder is made from white vinyl and cardboard and available in different D-ring capacity, binders are durable and strong to last long time. The ring binders come with different capacity 16mm / 25mm / 55mm / 65mm, ideal for projects or presentations. Leos' vinyl binders protect your files and documents and punched papers in an easy way, you can use this ring binder with other accessories, e.g. sheet protector, or index dividers to keep your paper more organized, clean and easy to search.

  • Vinyl View D-Ring Binder
    Vinyl View D-Ring Binder

    Leos' high-quality presentation binders create smart document storage solutions. Leos' D-ring binders are made from white vinyl wrapped with cardboard, heavy-duty and durable. Leos' D-ring binder provides various capacity for choices, 16mm / 25mm / 55mm / 65mm. Clear pockets on 3 sides of the front cover can insert sell sheet for personalisation, and ideal for projects or presentations. The D ring binders can work other accessories such as sheet protectors or index dividers to keep your documents get organized, clean and easy classification.

  • Colored Classified Sheet Protector
    Colored Classified Sheet Protector

    Leos' sheet protector is top opening pockets with reinforced multi-punched holes and fit 2, 3 and 4 ring binders. The colored punched strip and printed colored edges are designed for color classification. Optional packing can be per bag or box. A4 and Letter size are both available, the sheet protector works as a divider as well, protect your papers and allow you get organized. The pocket surface has different type, glare or non-glare for you to choose. Minimum order quantity is 100,000 pcs per order.

  • Vinyl Binder Pouch
    Vinyl Binder Pouch

    Leos' ring binder pouch is made from see-through clear vinyl material which is tear-resistant, and waterproof. 3 hole punch design is easy filing into 3 ring binders. Leos' multi-functional pouch can carry a pencil, scissor, calculator, ruler or notes. Plastic zipper and metal slider, right side opening, keep your content firmly secured. Vinyl binder pouch is perfect for school, office or home users, all your necessities together with files. Leos' also provides binder pouch made in nylon materials with window frame for customer's various demand. MOQ is 3000 pcs per order.

  • Nylon Binder Pouch
    Nylon Binder Pouch

    Nylon binder pouch is one of the convenient stationery and for students, officers and home users even tourists. It is made from nylon fabric, with a clear vinyl window to see all accessories inside clearly. Fabric zipper with metal zip easily slides up and down. 3 eyelets on the left side to fit into the 3 ring binders. MOQ per color per item is 3000 pcs. Our available colors for binder pouch include pink, blue, orange, grey or customized colors. Leos' also provide binder pouch fully made in clear vinyl material for your different choices.

  • Poly Index
    Poly Index

    Grey color index divider comes with printed tabs, universal hole punches to fit in two, three and four ring binders. Index 1 - 12, Jan-Dec. A - Z and 1 - 31 printing on tabs are able to use in different purpose. Polypropylene construction resists wear, tear, and moisture, non-stick, and poly dividers are archival safe for documents and photos. Our dividers s won't transfer ink from your pages. Die-cut poly sheets means the tab and the divider are one piece for durability and long-lasting use. Leos' index dividers are available in A4, Letter, foolscap and legal size.

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