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Easy to keep contents secured.

Document Cases

Document Cases Manufacturing included for 3 Flap Folder, Document Wallet, Files Cases that are Great for Stationery Storage

There are many different kinds of document case that you can choose from, such as document case with a handle, 3-flap folders, file cases with buckle/elastic/velcro fastener lock, etc.

Elasticated closure ensures documents are kept together securely. A push-lock clasp closure and welded sides keep contents safe and secure.

Leos' elasticated box file is hardwearing and stylish. It's suitable for School Stationery & Office Supply.

Document Cases

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3-Flap Folder - Sturdy case for important documents
3-Flap Folder

3 flap folder is one of the common filing products and widely used in the office, school, and home...

Velcro Document Wallet - Tough wallet files made from durable polypropylene
Velcro Document Wallet

The plastic wallet with hook and loop closure is made of PP in opaque assorted colors which...

File Jacket - Ideal for filing, organizing important papers and documents
File Jacket

Transparent File Jacket, made of durable tear-proof and water-resistant poly material, with...

Portable File Case - Great for filing important papers and report files
Portable File Case

Portable case, document case, is made of durable Polypropylene material, waterproof and tear-resistant....

Document Case - 3 flap construction for access documents quickly
Document Case

Leos' document case is great for holding important papers and documents, made of durable and recyclable...

String Document Case - 3 flap construction for access documents quickly
String Document Case

Document case helps you to keep your filing simple, smart and safe. Ideal for storage of loose...

Touch-lock Document Case - Touch-lock flap keep contents safe ans secure
Touch-lock Document Case

The touch-lock Document case, designed for carrying reports, assignments, brochures, etc, are made...

Document Case with Handle - Strong touch lock flap keeps contents safely and securely
Document Case with Handle

Leos' document case with handle is designed with durability in mind. They are strong, rigid,...

Vertical File Case - Spine label for identification purpose
Vertical File Case

Simplistic and elegantly designed data case is ideal for loading and retrieving documents or other...

String Closure Flap Folder - Colorado Flap File
String Closure Flap Folder

Leos' flap folder with a two-tone color combination that offers a stylish and secure method...

String Document Case - Colorado Document Case
String Document Case

A beautiful two-tone color construction that is durable, stylish, and resistant to scratching...

PP 3 Flap Folder - Polka Dot 3 Flap Folder
PP 3 Flap Folder

Leos' Folder is assorted in a wide range of colors. The polka dot 3-Flap folder is ideal for the transportation...

Result 1 - 12 of 19

Document Cases | Taiwan high-quality school & office supplies in bulk | Leos'

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Discover Leos' Quality Products Co., Ltd., a premier manufacturer of innovative and high-quality office supplies and school stationery. Leos' specializes in a diverse range of products including magnetic dry erase planners, stackable plastic pencil boxes, eco-friendly PU leather desk mats, and stylish clear zipper pouches. Our commitment to quality, functionality, and design excellence makes us an ideal choice for B2B buyers seeking reliable and attractive office and school solutions. With efficient logistics and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Leos' ensures timely delivery and exceptional service for all your bulk purchasing needs.

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