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Polka Dots Filing Stationery

PP Printing Filing Stationery Polka Dot Series

Manufacturer of Plastic Organizer Stationery with Customized Pattern for Office and School

Leos' produced many kinds of stationery series for our customers, such as classic Polka Dot Series. There are red, orange, green, blue, purple, and black basic colors you can choose from. Also, welcome to provide your own representative color or pattern, we can design and simulate a draft for you.

Our polka dots make a bold and bright statement. This fashionable retro design works well across a full range of items in solid or translucent materials. Choose from our Polka Dot range or use it as an inspiration to create your own style. Please feel free to contact us and let Leos' provide the best service as your request.

PP Printing Filing Stationery Polka Dot Series

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PP Twin Pocket Folder - Polka Dot Twin Pocket Folder
PP Twin Pocket Folder

Heavy Duty Twin Pocket Folder has a durable, water-resistant material that helps keep documents...

PP 3 Flap Folder - Polka Dot 3 Flap Folder
PP 3 Flap Folder

Leos' Folder is assorted in a wide range of colors. The polka dot 3-Flap folder is ideal for the transportation...

PP Swing Clip File - Polka Dot Swing Clip File
PP Swing Clip File

Leos' Swing Clip File is as easy as it looks. An accessible clip that swings out, allowing...

PP 8 Pocket Organizer - Polka Dot 8 Pocket Organizer
PP 8 Pocket Organizer

Organize papers for multiple clients or projects with this all-in-one portfolio. A generous...

PP Display Book - Polka Dot Display Book
PP Display Book

Leos' display book, comes with a colorful cover and white polka dot to make your filing work...

PP 3 Ring Binder - Polka Dot Ring Binder
PP 3 Ring Binder

Leos' specialized in PP filing stationery products over 30 years and provide a wide range of office...

PP Expanding Coupon File - Polka Dot Coupon File
PP Expanding Coupon File

The desktop Coupon File is great for organizing your coupons and receipts. The file is made...

PP Desktop Expanding File - Polka Dot Desktop Expanding File
PP Desktop Expanding File

The desktop Expanding File is great for organizing large amounts of paperwork. Pockets not only...

PP Vertical Expanding File - Polka Dot Vertical Expanding File
PP Vertical Expanding File

The vertical Expanding File is perfect for keeping a backpack tidy. 7 separate pockets help...

PP Pocket File - Polka Dot Pocket File
PP Pocket File

Standard A4 / Letter Pocket File helps store large amounts of documents, while also keeping...

PP Vertical Pocket File - Polka Dot Vertical Pocket File
PP Vertical Pocket File

Vertical Pocket File is a great way to keep documents orderly while placed inside a backpack...

PP Executive Portfolio - Polka Dot Executive Portfolio
PP Executive Portfolio

Leos' Executive Portfolio offers a one-of-a-kind design. Made from high-quality PP resin and reinforced...

Result 1 - 12 of 19

PP Printing Filing Stationery Polka Dot Series | Taiwan high-quality school & office supplies in bulk | Leos'

Based in Taiwan since 1991,Leos' Quality Products Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing high-quality plastic office and school supplies. They offer a wide range of products, including PP Printing Filing Stationery Polka Dot Series, magnetic dry erase planners, plastic pencil boxes, PU leather desk mats, and clear zipper pouches. These products are designed with functionality and style in mind, such as the dry-erase coating and full magnetic backing of their planners, the transparent and stackable design of their pencil boxes, and the eco-friendly, dual-color PU leather desk mats. .

Discover Leos' Quality Products Co., Ltd., a premier manufacturer of innovative and high-quality office supplies and school stationery. Leos' specializes in a diverse range of products including magnetic dry erase planners, stackable plastic pencil boxes, eco-friendly PU leather desk mats, and stylish clear zipper pouches. Our commitment to quality, functionality, and design excellence makes us an ideal choice for B2B buyers seeking reliable and attractive office and school solutions. With efficient logistics and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Leos' ensures timely delivery and exceptional service for all your bulk purchasing needs.

Leos' has been providing customers with bulk office products and customizable school stationery, both with advanced technology and 32 years of experience, Leos' ensures each customer's requirements are met..