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Based in Taiwan, Leos' Quality Products Co., Ltd., since 1991, is an office and school stationery supplier. Main products, including File Folder, dry erase pocket, binder, filing folder, desktop organizer, foam board folder, bang and case, etc.

A dedicated OEM office and school stationery manufacturer with a plant that has 14,000 square meters and over 250 highly trained, experienced, and skilled staff. Leos' follows the international quality check rule of AQL1.0 / 4.0 on all of our production line till the product is shipped.

Leos' has been offering customers high-quality office and school stationery, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Leos' ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • Leos' manufacturer provide seasonal various creative, functional filing stationery to help customers hit the market, and assist all enterprises or consumers get their documents or personal items organized, and easy for daily use. The material includes PP, PVC (Vinyl), Fabric and different kinds of closures and accessories. OEM & ODM requirements are warmly welcomed! We have the professional ability to customized produce.

  • The set includes PP clip file folder, two pocket folder, flap folder, notebooks, sliding sorter, expanding file, and zipper binder, etc. Also, we can provide other kind stationery as your request.

  • We provide the service of OEM and ODM. Color, Size, Closure, Material, Thickness, and even Number of layers all can be customized. Let your work and study more efficiently.

  • Leos' Quality Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter that providing high-quality products, professional ability and knowledge of production, quick delivery time, and prompt customer service. We have various types of expanding file, such as ladder expanding file, accordion expanding file, expandable file with elastic band or buckle closure, and pocket sorter, etc. There also are different pockets for your reference. Whether you need 12, 13, 24, or 26 pockets. The multi-pocket organizer folder keeps your files safe with this accordion-style file folder that features a protective cover flap secured by an elastic cord and button closure. It is ideal for home, office, school, and the business trip to organize your documents, vouchers, bills and files tidy and neatly.

  • A 2-pocket file folder is great for office, school, and home. We can offer OEM and ODM services. It's accepted to produce custom file folders with your own logos, pattern, or even specified printing.

  • Two Pocket Folder with Zip Bag Cover
    Two Pocket Folder with Zip Bag Cover

    Twin pocket folder is made with durable PP material. This product is with a polka dot-design zip pocket and bright colors on the front and back covers. The zip pocket cover provides extra space to keep your  accessories such as pens, notebooks, and ruler organized.  Two interior pockets to keep papers neatly in place.  It’s great for class handouts and school assignments, suitable for school students use.

  • Ring Binder
    Ring Binder

    Ring binders come from the durable poly sheet with a flexible hinge, easy open and close, and include various capacity by 0.5", 1", 1.5", A4 size or Letter size for a different market. Ring binders are one of the most convenient and common filing products, planning for storage budgets, presentations, conferences records, and your projects. Leos' also have many accessories available for ring binders such as index dividers, sheet protectors to help you more organized. MOQ is 3000 pcs per color per item, and we accept customer's special requirement by OEM / ODM project.

  • Poly Cardboard Binder
    Poly Cardboard Binder

    Not only vinyl binders but Leos' is also capable to make binders which cover is made from PP sheet wrapped with cardboard, Eco-friendly recyclable. The textured PP sheet provides your binder stylish and nice look, include rust-resistant 1 inch round rings with a double trigger to hold up to 225 sheets. Binder includes two inside pockets gives extra storage for loose documents or unpunched pages. A4 size, Letter size, and different rings capacity are available to supply. MOQ is 3000 pcs per color per order.

  • Vinyl Front View Ring Binder
    Vinyl Front View Ring Binder

    Simple is the smart way to go. For convenient organization of documents, it doesn't get much simpler than Leos' handy Vinyl Binder and Vinyl View Binders. Three 1.0" round rings hold documents securely. Easily flip through notes or reports and more without getting pages out of order. Fit loose pages into two interior pockets for easy access. On Vinyl View Binders there is a outer pocket that documents, reports, or pictures can easily slide in and be viewed during presentations or meetings.

  • Vinyl Ring Binder
    Vinyl Ring Binder

    Leos' white D ring binder is made from white vinyl and cardboard and available in different D-ring capacity, binders are durable and strong to last long time. The ring binders come with different capacity 16mm / 25mm / 55mm / 65mm, ideal for projects or presentations. Leos' vinyl binders protect your files and documents and punched papers in an easy way, you can use this ring binder with other accessories, e.g. sheet protector, or index dividers to keep your paper more organized, clean and easy to search.

  • Vinyl View D-Ring Binder
    Vinyl View D-Ring Binder

    Leos' high-quality presentation binders create smart document storage solutions. Leos' D-ring binders are made from white vinyl wrapped with cardboard, heavy-duty and durable. Leos' D-ring binder provides various capacity for choices, 16mm / 25mm / 55mm / 65mm. Clear pockets on 3 sides of the front cover can insert sell sheet for personalisation, and ideal for projects or presentations. The D ring binders can work other accessories such as sheet protectors or index dividers to keep your documents get organized, clean and easy classification.

  • Clip Folder
    Clip Folder

    Leos' clamp binder is an easy way to file un-punched papers and instantly secure papers. Keep your files, documents, reports get organized and neat. The clip file folder comes with wire clip and spring clip, to easily insert and remove papers from any position, it makes updating of files quickly and suitable for document classification management, office, business department, schools, and other units of staff. Minimum order quantity is 3000 pcs per item and the trade term is based on FOB China port, Leos' welcome customized project and make OEM / ODM products for you.

  • Swing Clip Report Cover
    Swing Clip Report Cover

    The fastener swing spine clamp file folder, punch free presentation folder, is available in a variety of colors and holds up to 30 or 50 sheets of paper. Made of durable polypropylene available for letter and A4 size with a clear front cover, plus a metal clasp clip. The dependent binding is what holds the paper secure and allows for flat stacking while the thumb clip makes changes as easy as slide out and slide in. Release the clip, pull back the cover, insert your paper and push back in, easy to use the clip and how secure your report is.

  • 30 Sheets Swing Clip File
    30 Sheets Swing Clip File

    The swing clip file, made from nice quality polypropylene and available in a variety of colors, holds up around 30 sheets of paper. Available in A4, LC, or customized size. Leos' swing clip file folder is as easy to use as it looks, just swing out the plastic clip insert your report and swing back the clip to secure your documents. Swing lock is available in translucent or opaque color, also accept your customized design in color or shape. Ideal for any project classification, proposals, it's a very good product for school, office and home use to keep your papers documents well classified.

  • Vinyl Report Cover
    Vinyl Report Cover

    PP report cover, Clear Front Report Cover, project holder, Report File with Prong Fasteners, made from polypropylene and available in a variety of colors and can hold up to 100 sheets of paper. Lightweight report files with clear front and colored back sheets. Insertable paper title strip included in each file, with Flat prong metal fastener for hole punched papers. This clear front report cover, a very good file folder for your sales presentation or project proposals. Leos' can customize the color and shape you need.

  • 3 Prong File
    3 Prong File

    Three prong file folder, clear front three-prong file, has a clear front report cover with three 1/2" fasteners, and the three double-tang fasteners keep pages from sliding around. Made of durable polypropylene in Letter size and this report covers are thin, but they have room to hold up to 80 pages for large proposals, projects or archived information, making the versatile. A very good file folder for your presentation and project proposals. Hot selling colors are black and blue and Leos' also accept customized design with specific colors & sizes request.

  • Frame View 3 Prong File
    Frame View 3 Prong File

    Window view 3 Prong file, frame view three-prong file folder, frame view report cover with three 1/2" fasteners, hold up to 80 sheets made of durable polypropylene in Letter size. Durable tear-proof and water-resistant material a very good file folder for your presentation and project proposals. Hot selling colors are blue, red, orange, green, purple and black. And Leos' also accept the customized design of special colors & sizes request.

  • Frame View Organizer
    Frame View Organizer

    Window view 8 pocket organizer, frame view 8 pocket organizer, made of polypropylene, recyclable pp. With eight reinforced pockets, folder opens flat and double loop wire binding, each pocket holds 25 sheets of papers, folder holds 200 sheets of paper in total. This 8 pockets file holder, subject folder can keep your documents organized with the pocket folder organizer. reinforced pockets to help you keep track of projects, personal documents, and other papers. A super durable poly construction is worn, tear, and moisture resistant. Leos' hot selling organizer comes in assorted colors: red, blue, green, purple and black. This 8 pockets file folder can keep your documents for units or projects well organized and can also be used to store student assignments, surely a very good product for school and office use.

  • Vinyl Project Folder
    Vinyl Project Folder

    Vinyl project folder, made of vinyl and available in a variety of colors can hold up to 10 sheets of paper, ideal for project filing or presentation purpose. You can see your papers at a glance with this clear front project file jackets, just closed on two sides to keep papers in the right place for easy to access. Hot selling colors are black and blue and Leos' also accept customized design with buyer's specific colors & sizes request.

  • PP Envelope Folder
    PP Envelope Folder

    The envelope Folder for documents, various size is available A3, A4, A5, DL, A7 made of durable polypropylene, lightweight and durable with snap button closure to hold your papers and documents securely. It also can be the envelope wallet. A truly simple portable file holder to keep your papers in right place, use recyclable pp material with vivid poly cover, water resistance. Hot selling colors: blue, red, orange, green, clear. And also accept OEM / ODM design on special colors & sizes.

  • PP Gusset Carry Folder
    PP Gusset Carry Folder

    The carry folder plus is a perfect design of expandable gusset to give a larger capacity of the bag that made from polypropylene. Each of the Leos expandable folders has a press stud fastener on the flat and is easily wipe-clean, keeping documents clean and together. It also can be the envelope wallet. This is a great value of folder for document is the ideal way to transporting smaller amounts of sheets and documents securely and simply, it's perfect for the home, office or student use. A4, Letter size is a common size, and we also accept OEM / ODM design on special colors and sizes.

  • Gusset Envelope
    Gusset Envelope

    String Envelope, a copy-safe pp construction with various sizes & two types of loading direction, vertical and horizontal string envelop. Made of PP envelope with string - Tie closure, water-resistant. Lightweight and durable acid-free with expandable gusset for the large capacity to hold over 200 paper sheets and the string-tie closure design secures your papers and documents not to fall out. Hot selling colors are blue, red, orange, green, clear and Gray. And Leos' also accepts customized design on special colors & sizes.

  • E310 Clear PP L Shape Folder
    E310 Clear PP L Shape Folder

    L shape holder, A4 L shaped file folder, E310, made of durable polypropylene, lightweight to hold your papers easily. Folder with thumb cut, meaning they have a small section cut on the opening side, allowing easy access to documents and simple way of holding and transporting documents without binding and it's an ideal for your papers safe, dry and crease-free, the L shape file holder is perfect for home, office or student use, this is a great to buy in item!

  • Window View Folder
    Window View Folder

    Window view folder with velour closure, A4 / Letter size clear window frame document holder, a full face window view wallet, made of polypropylene. Clear window frame for the cover sheet, makes an excellent presentation and being able to file certificates/papers knowing what's inside without having to remove it from the envelope to know what's in there. Ideal for any projection, project classification, and proposals by using different envelope colors for easier identification or you can just title them on with markers or labels freely.

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