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25 Years Bag & Case Stationery Manufacturer | Leos'

Based in Taiwan, Leos' Quality Products Co., Ltd. is a Bag & Case Stationery manufacturer since 1991.

A dedicated OEM office stationery manufacturer with a plant that has 14,000 square meters and over 250 highly trained, experienced, and skilled staff. Leos' office filing products include file folders, binders, expanding files, display books, zip bags… etc to satisfy all your filing needs.

Leos' has been offering customers high-quality office filing products such as ring notebooks, spinal notebooks, meeting padfolios, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Leos' ensures each customer's demands are met.

Bag & Case Stationery

Carry Bag, Mesh Bag, Zip Bag, Carry Case

Bags for school and personal use.
Bags for school and personal use.

PP and PVC material can be widely used for making different kinds of bags for office and school use such as zip bag, mesh bag, carry bag, school bag, with different closure like velcro button, zipper closure to keep your contents secured.

All bags are available for many sizes and many purpose such as study, official use, traveling, personal storage and easy to organize.

  • Zip Bag & Pouch - Soft material, durable and perfect for different purpose storage.
    Zip Bag & Pouch
    Zipper Pouch Storage

    Suitable for items of various sizes. The zipper bag not only can be used to store office supplies such as documents, stationery, deposit receipts, etc., but also can be used for travel and house daily storage, such as clothes, jewelry, cosmetics and so on. The zipper bag is translucent, allowing you to identify items inside.

  • PP Pencil Case - Utilized to put your most used writing instruments for quick access, as well as your favorite pencils, markers and more.
    PP Pencil Case
    Pen Case, Pencil Pouch

    The plastic box is easy to slip into any handbag or small bag, organize and store your craft, office, and school supplies, small craft items, and keeps desks neat. The pencil pouch fits for holding pencils, pens, crayons, cosmetic brushes, nail clippers, office supplies and other school supplies or small tools.

  • Waterproof Student File Bag - Suitable for school, travel and office use and help you stay organized.
    Waterproof Student File Bag
    Book Pouch

    Student file bag keep books, folders, flash cards and homework together for students to take back and forth to school. Sturdy book bags also help students and teachers stay organized in class. Match the colors of the bags to your reading groups. For independent work time, hang bags for students to quickly and easily retrieve and then put away their materials. Book pouches are perfect for younger kids as an alternative to backpacks. Use to organize assignments to send home with older kids so all homework is together in one place.

  • Wall Organizer Chart - Keeping files, paper and books neat, easily accessible.
    Wall Organizer Chart
    Folder Pocket Chart

    Folder Pocket Chart, Cascading Wall Organizer for School, Classroom, Home or Office Use. Make the most of your vertical space, free up your desk space and hanging over wall, door, or pocket chart rack.

  • Gift Bag - Convenient, Strong and Sturdy Bags.
    Gift Bag
    Goodie Bag

    Leos' gift bag is multipurpose carry bags which is made of durable polypropylene, water-proof materials, soft-touch clear hanging tube, and available in various colors and printing designs. The gift bags are reusable and available for different occasions like giveaway, part, merchandise bags…etc.