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Based in Taiwan, Leos' Quality Products Co., Ltd., since 1991, is an office and school stationery supplier. Main products, including Book Pouch, dry erase pocket, binder, filing folder, desktop organizer, foam board folder, bang and case, etc.

A dedicated OEM office and school stationery manufacturer with a plant that has 14,000 square meters and over 250 highly trained, experienced, and skilled staff. Leos' follows the international quality check rule of AQL1.0 / 4.0 on all of our production line till the product is shipped.

Leos' has been offering customers high-quality office and school stationery, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Leos' ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • Leos' is not only a aupplier for the office work stationery and organizers, we also can produce storage bags, educational kits or learning for school students and teachers. For example, Student file bags keep books, folders, flash cards and homework together for students to take back and forth to school. Sturdy book bags also help students and teachers stay organized in class. Match the colors of the bags to your reading groups. For independent work time, hang bags for students to quickly and easily retrieve and then put away their materials. Book pouches are perfect for younger kids as an alternative to backpacks. Use to organize assignments to send home with older kids so all homework is together in one place.

  • Book Bag
    Book Bag

    Leos' vinyl book bag is made with bright color webbing, and ideal to firmly keep the content safe, and includes two types of closures, zipper or velcro. The vinyl book bag comes with 1 color printing tag to write your name or subjects. Leos' book bag is ideal to store catalogs, brochures, magazines, books or personal necessities below A4 size. And the book pouch is very suitable for students. The book bag is made from transparent vinyl material which is clear to see-through the content, and waterproof, suitable for school, office, library, and home users.

  • Home School Folder
    Home School Folder

    The clear vinyl folder is the convenient tool between school and home. 2 pockets inside to let students easily transport homework, storybooks, artwork, etc. The book pouches for students are enough durable to store heavy books, pencil cases, painting or learning tools. Each pocket with a blank card in front to labeling the subject. Ideal for communicating information between teachers and children's parents. Velcro closure on top and 2 sides keep the documents and papers firmly secured. All product with colored webbing around provides more strong protection. MOQ is 3000 pcs per color, the design and colors can be changed by customer's requirement.

  • Carry Book Pouch
    Carry Book Pouch

    Leos' carry book pouch is ideal for kids to store school books and homework. Product size is 400 x 300mm, made of the clear vinyl front with the sides and flaps are stitched with colorful non-rip seams, durable and water-resistant. 1" gusset is expandable to hold more books, folders, and homework and help students get everything in one place and organized. Velcro closure is easy to open and close, and you can put your name card in the clear pocket on the flap for identification. Sturdy, fabric stitched handle is for easy carrying and hanging while taking the bag back and forth to school.

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