Filing Folders & Portfolios

30 Years of Stationery Supply Experience for Plastic Stationery, Such as Pocket Folders, Presentation Folder, Display Book, Clipboard, and Document Case, etc, are Suitable for Business. / Leos' design and manufacturing team will bring you creativity to your own exclusive product line.

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Filing Folders & Portfolios | Leos' - A professional manufacturer of high quality plastic office supply and stationery products.

Based in Taiwan, Leos' Quality Products Co., Ltd., since 1991, is a Filing Folders & Portfolios | office and school stationery manufacturer. Main products, including dry erase pocket, binder, filing folder, desktop organizer, foam board folder, bang and case, etc.

Leos' design and manufacturing team will bring you creativity to your own exclusive product line. A dedicated OEM office and school stationery manufacturer with a plant that has 14,000 square meters and over 250 highly trained, experienced, and skilled staff. Leos' follows the international quality check rule of AQL1.0 / 4.0 on all of our production line till the product is shipped.

Leos' has been offering customers high-quality office and school stationery, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Leos' ensures each customer's demands are met.

Filing Folders & Portfolios

30 Years of Stationery Supply Experience for Plastic Stationery, Such as Pocket Folders, Presentation Folder, Display Book, Clipboard, and Document Case, etc, are Suitable for Business.

Full Range Riling Office Supply and Filing Stationery.
Full Range Riling Office Supply and Filing Stationery.

Leos' with 30 years of manufacturing experience in the plastic stationery industry, introduce advanced technology equipment and automation production lines. Our business includes research, production, sales, and after-sale service.

There are different kinds of filing products that could help users like office workers, students get their documents, homework, or important papers organized and easily accessible.

Leos' products include file folders, binders, expanding files, display books, zip bags… etc to satisfy all your filing needs. Contact us directly to get the suitable stationery and let your work more efficiently.

  • Business Report Covers - Report Cover keeps documents safely and firmly.
    Business Report Covers
    Office Supplier Report Cover for Presentation

    Leos' business supplies are made from high-classed and non-toxic plastic material. With the waterproof surface, these report covers can protect your documents and papers securely. A very good file folder for your presentation and project proposals. Use them safely for work.

  • Clipboards - Metal clip mechanism to secure papers.
    Heavy-Duty Assorted Colors Foldable Clipboards, Exam Pads, and Portable Nursing Clipboard Boxes Made by Wire, Plastic PP, PP Foam, etc material.

    Leos' clipboard not only provides a useful place to store forms and documents for easy access, but it also offers a conveniently portable, smooth, hard writing surface. We can manufacture different types of metal clips according to your own design. Also welcome to print the logo of the brand to display brand image.Plastic clipboards are ideal for everyday use, whether at school, the office, or home. It works great for anything from medical forms to work applications or inventory sheets. Write comfortably from anywhere, no desk needed.

  • Display Books & Presentation Books - Perfect for documents organization.
    Display Books & Presentation Books
    Custom Design of Refillable Display Books, Discbound Display Books, Clear Front Presentation Books, Pocket Presentation Books with Index, Manufacturing from China Supplier.

    Explore the range of colors and sizes of display books. Just let us know how many sheets you need, which color you like, and what size you prefer, and Leos' can arrange and produce the customized product for you.Display books are the best choice for organizing school notes for any subject. The pockets are all tear and moisture resistant to protect your important documents.

  • Document Cases - Easy to keep contents secured.
    Document Cases
    Document Cases Manufacturing included for 3 Flap Folder, Document Wallet, Files Cases that are Great for Stationery Storage.

    There are many different kinds of document case that you can choose from, such as document case with a handle, 3-flap folders, file cases with buckle/elastic/velcro fastener lock, etc.Elasticated closure ensures documents are kept together securely. A push-lock clasp closure and welded sides keep contents safe and secure.Leos' elasticated box file is hardwearing and stylish. It's suitable for School Stationery & Office Supply.

  • Envelope Folders - Envelope & File Folder
    Envelope Folders
    China Supplier of Plastic PP Document File Folder, File Bag, Document Wallet and File Wallet for Office and School Storage.

    We provide the service of OEM and ODM. Color, Size, Closure, Material, Thickness, and even Number of layers all can be customized. Let your work and study more efficiently.

  • Expanding Files - Expanding file folder for documents organization and easy classification.
    Expanding Files
    Manufacturer of Producing Accordion File Folder, Expanding File Folder with Custom Requirements.

    Leos' Quality Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter that providing high-quality products, professional ability and knowledge of production, quick delivery time, and prompt customer service. We have various types of expanding file, such as ladder expanding file, accordion expanding file, expandable file with elastic band or buckle closure, and pocket sorter, etc. There also are different pockets for your reference. Whether you need 12, 13, 24, or 26 pockets.The multi-pocket organizer folder keeps your files safe with this accordion-style file folder that features a protective cover flap secured by an elastic cord and button closure. It is ideal for home, office, school, and the business trip to organize your documents, vouchers, bills and files tidy and neatly.

  • Two Pocket Folder & Portfolios - Custom 2 pockets file folder is great for storing documents.
    Two Pocket Folder & Portfolios
    Customized Design Assorted Color Heavyweight Twin Pocket Portfolio File Folder

    A 2-pocket file folder is great for office, school, and home. We can offer OEM and ODM services. It's accepted to produce custom file folders with your own logos, pattern, or even specified printing.