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PP Material for Stationery Products | Leos' - A professional manufacturer of high quality plastic office supply and stationery products.

Based in Taiwan, Leos' Quality Products Co., Ltd., since 1991, is an office and school stationery manufacturer. Main products, including dry erase pocket, binder, filing folder, desktop organizer, foam board folder, bang and case, etc.

Leos' design and manufacturing team will bring you creativity to your own exclusive product line. A dedicated OEM office and school stationery manufacturer with a plant that has 14,000 square meters and over 250 highly trained, experienced, and skilled staff. Leos' follows the international quality check rule of AQL1.0 / 4.0 on all of our production line till the product is shipped.

Leos' has been offering customers high-quality office and school stationery, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Leos' ensures each customer's demands are met.

PP Material for Stationery Products

PP Sheet - material for making office supply and office stationery.
PP Sheet - material for making office supply and office stationery.

Leos' use of raw materials is different from other competitors. We use pure poly resin materials, won't use recycled ones. Our products are clear and without impurity, such as the new product - PP Desk Shield that is suitable for the epidemic prevention period in 2020.

In this period of you need to keep your distance from people, the pp desk shield is a very useful product. Just place it on the table, it can become a good barrier. And the bottom is sticky so that the desk shield will not move. It is suitable for use in the school, restaurant, home, or office.

We also offer multi-functional stationery. For example, the nursing clipboard box and expanding file are often used in the USA. Use them in the office, file storage is more convenient, and the environment is tidier.

Generally, Polypropylene (PP), also known as polypropylene, is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications such as office and school filing products, such as file folders, pocket files, expanding files, ring binders, notebooks, zip bags…etc.

It is one of the environmental materials, non-toxic, colorless, tasteless, and recyclable, Plastic extrusion is the process where plastic materials are converted from solid to liquid and then it is reconstituted into finished products. In other words, plastic is melted down and then reshaped into useful items.

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  • PP Desk Shield - PP Desk Shield
    PP Desk Shield
    DS-PP-01 / 02

    The desk shield is made of <b>PP eco-friendly material</b> which is durable and washable. And it is easy to clean with soft cloth & soapy water. It can be used at schools, offices, retail counters, and restaurants. Welcome customized size, printing design, logo for different purpose.It’s easy to install, each safty shield includes 3pcs holder to keep the shield placed firmly. The desk shield creates a private area and helps to reduce the spread of contagious, airborne dangers commonly caused by coughing, sneezing or even droplets. It provides a safer protection screen for employees, sales and students.

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  • Mask Holder - Face Mask Holder
    Mask Holder

    The portable mask cover holders are made of eco-friendly PP material, lightweight and durable. There are 2 pockets inside for new mask storage, just in case if your mask in use get dirt or lost, you have spare new one for replacement.Additional 1 pocket outside of the cover is the temporary keeper for mask in use. The mask bag is convenient and easy to carry with your backpack and bag, the pastel color cover is visible and easy to reach from your bag. In addition, the cover color can be customized or with printing design as a promotional gift.Leos’ face cover mask is suitable to use in office, school and personal purpose.

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  • PP Envelope Folder - Various kinds of size to store documents, artwork, photographs.
    PP Envelope Folder

    Envelope Folders for documents, various size is available A3, A4, A5, DL, A7 made of durable <b>polypropylene</b>, lightweight and durable with snap button closure to hold your papers and documents securely. It also can be the envelope wallet.A truly simple portable file holder to keep your papers in right place, <b>use recyclable pp material with vivid poly cover</b>, water resistance. Hot selling colors: blue, red, orange, green, clear. And also accept OEM / ODM design on special colors & sizes.

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  • Expanding File Wallet - The expanding file wallets are made of durable PP, tear-proof and water-proof, odorless, and non-toxic material. The flexible flap cover with button closure is easy to open/close and keeps the content secure. The metal reinforced buckles on the four corners provide strong protection and transparent surface keeps the contents visible and easy identification.
    Expanding File Wallet

    The document expanding file wallets are made of <b>durable PP, tear-proof and water-proof, odorless, and non-toxic material.</b> The flexible flap cover with button closure is easy to open/close and keeps the content secure. The metal reinforced buckles on the four corners provide strong protection and transparent surface keeps the contents visible and easy identification.The product size is 36.5 x 28.5 x 6.5 cm, available to load approx. 800 sheets of A4 size paper. The wallet has a pocket on flap with insert card which can be customized and make it easy to organized by name or subjects.The expanding file wallet can hold multiple documents, good for school / office / home use, such as study projects, business presentations, stationery, electrical manuals, notebooks, insurance policy or other important documents.

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  • Envelope Folder Pockets - The document folders with 3 pockets are made of PP material, lightweight to carry around. The slim design is easy to put your suit case / backpack.
    Envelope Folder Pockets
    913-3P / 922-3P

    The clear document folders with 3 pockets are made of <b>PP material, lightweight to carry around.</b> The slim design is easy to put your suit case / backpack.The button closure of the document holder 3 pockets keeps your documents secure. 3 individual pockets with tab inserts to keep different documents neatly and easily organized.A4 size: ideal for holding documents, reports, letters, kids drawings...etc. Check size: ideal for hodling checks, travel tickets, maps, coupons...etc.

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  • Gusset Envelope - String and frisbee closure.
    Gusset Envelope

    String Envelope, a copy-safe pp construction with various sizes & two types of loading direction, vertical and horizontal string envelop. Made of <b>PP envelope</b> with string - Tie closure, water-resistant.Lightweight and durable acid-free with expandable gusset for the large capacity to hold over 200 paper sheets and the string-tie closure design secures your papers and documents not to fall out. Hot selling colors are blue, red, orange, green, clear and Gray. And Leos' also accepts customized design on special colors & sizes.

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  • E310 Clear PP L Shape Folder - L shape welding colored folder for easy reviewing.
    E310 Clear PP L Shape Folder

    L shape holder, A4 L shaped file folder, E310, made of <b>durable polypropylene</b>, lightweight to hold your papers easily.Folder with thumb cut, meaning they have a small section cut on the opening side, allowing easy access to documents and simple way of holding and transporting documents without binding and it's an ideal for your papers safe, dry and crease-free, the L shape file holder is perfect for home, office or student use, this is a great to buy in item!

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  • PP Twin Pocket Folder - Polka Dot Twin Pocket Folder
    PP Twin Pocket Folder

    Heavy Duty Twin Pocket Folders have a durable, water-resistant material that helps keep documents sheltered. The material produced from <d>strong polypropylene plastic</d>. There are two pockets with built-in card inserts that can hold any business card contacts.Twin Pockets are a reliable and dependable way to store any office or school presentation, homework, projects, or other paperwork. The folders are 100% recyclable which is non-stick, stain-resistant, and will not transfer any toner or printing onto other materials.

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  • PP Display Book - Polka Dot Display Book
    PP Display Book

    Leos' display book, comes with a colorful cover and white polka dot to make your filing work more fun. The product is made with <b>PP material</b>, soft and water-resistant. Clear PP display pockets are top loading for easy insert your reports, documents and protect your papers last in a long time.The folder contains 20 transparent pockets, securely fastened by welding. Total 19 products assorted in this range, the capacity can be customized by customer's demand, as well as the cover color and printing pattern, logo stamping... etc.

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  • PP Desktop Expanding File - Polka Dot Desktop Expanding File
    PP Desktop Expanding File

    Desktop Expanding Files are great for organizing large amounts of paperwork. Pockets not only expand on top but also on the bottom of this roomy, self-standing desktop organizer. 13 pockets hold plenty of A4 or Letter size pages comfortably.<b>Durable poly material</b> is tear and water-resistant and environmentally friendly with Acid-free and PVC free polypropylene. 12 tabs inside will allow clearly labeled pockets. A front-loading zip mesh bag keeps accessories together. A colorful design of white dots on a colored background.

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  • PP Executive Portfolio - Polka Dot Executive Portfolio
    PP Executive Portfolio

    Leos' Executive Portfolio offers a one-of-a-kind design. Made from high-quality PP resin and reinforced with strong colored webbing surrounding the edges and increasing strength. Comes in a host of colors with options for customization.Our Executive Padfolios come with a CD / DVD holder, a sleeve for 1 name card, as well as a lined (refillable) A4 notepad of 30 sheets. Its 6 pocket / 5tab expansion folders help stay organized while on the move. Velcro closure makes access quick and secure.

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  • PP 3 Tab File Folder - Polka Dot File Folder
    PP 3 Tab File Folder

    3 pack File Folders offer a simplistic and productive way to organize. Each of our file folders come with 1/3 tabbed folders. The tabbed folders are color-coded to offer instantaneous recognition of each folder and its unique contents.These file folders are made from a long-lasting, high durability polypropylene material contributing to water-resistance as well as general wear and tear resistance. File Folders can easily hold both A4 and Letter size sheets of paper. File folders are great for school or office use.

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  • PP Zip Bag - Poly PP Zipper Bags
    PP Zip Bag

    Clear poly PP zipper bags, made of <b>lightweight polypropylene</b>, water-resistant and durable. The transparent bags are great for store notebooks, pens and accessories with you to school or personal use. The transparent colored cover with dot printing, clear to see the contents inside and able to put into the backpack or carry bag with you.The plastic zipper is easy to slide in and out and keep your belongings secure. 1" expandable gusset provides the large capacity to load more. MOQ per item per color is 3000pcs and 19 products in Polka Dot range for your selection.

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  • PP Gift Bag - Polka Dot Gift Bag
    PP Gift Bag

    Leos' shopping bags are made of durable and reusable <b>polypropylene</b>, and white dot pattern printing is covered on the surface which makes the bag cute and fun. Attached color ropes match the bag color as handles to transport gifts.Stylish and functional bags are easy to decorate your gift and use in different occasions like conferences, fundraising, retail shopping merchandise bags, Valentine's day, wedding gift bags, birthday, Christmas, and other gift wrapping purposes. MOQ: 3000pcs per color per order.

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  • Vinyl Report Cover - Clear front and back covers, you can view the papers conveniently.
    Vinyl Report Cover

    PP report cover, Clear Front Report Cover, project holder, Report File with Prong Fasteners, made from <b>polypropylene</b> and available in a variety of colors and can hold up to 100 sheets of paper.Lightweight report files with clear front and colored back sheets. Insertable paper title strip included in each file, with Flat prong metal fastener for hole punched papers. This clear front report cover, a very good file folder for your sales presentation or project proposals. Leos' can customize the color and shape you need.

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  • With Index Display Book - The sheets are soft, which leads to an easy page turning function.
    With Index Display Book

    Display Book made with more function is to help you searching documents more conveniently.The whole product is made from <b>PP material</b>, Eco-friendly and long-lasting. Total capacity is 40 pages, 80 views pocket for heavy-duty use. The display book includes 5 colors removable PP index dividers, with white index sticker to write subjects and help you easily identification. Open top pockets firmly welded into place.Front cover with die-cut provides a quick view of index pages. MOQ is 3000 pcs per item, and the trade term is baed on FOB China ports.

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  • 3-Flap Folder - Sturdy case for important documents.
    3-Flap Folder

    3 flap folder is one of the common filing products and widely used in the office, school, and home market. The flexible plastic folder is made of colorful, matt finish pp sheet, durable, waterproof and tear-resistant and ideal for the transportation and organization of documents, certificates, presentation or seminar notes, perfect for meetings and school.3 flaps inside stop loose papers falling out, elastic band closure keeps your content secure. The surface can be printed with your pattern or foil logo stamping by customer's requirement.

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  • Document Wallet Velcro Fastener - Tough wallet files made from durable polypropylene.
    Document Wallet Velcro Fastener

    The plastic wallet is made of <b>PP in opaque assorted colors</b> which the material is tear proof and water-resistant. Velcro closure is convenient for openning and preventing documents from falling out. The size is bigger than A4 size, and with expandable gusset for larger capacity. It holds up to 250-300 sheets and keeps your files organized.Leos' wallet is perfect for daily use and keeps your important papers in one spot, such as office documents, business cards, tax receipts, insurance policies, health care papers, appliances manuals at home, the office, school.

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  • Touch-lock Document Case - Touch-lock flap keep contents safe ans secure.
    Touch-lock Document Case

    Touch-lock Document cases, designed for carrying reports, assignments, brochures, etc, are made of <b>color PP sheet</b>, lightweight, durable and reusable.Suitable for A4 and letter size document storage with capacity 20mm can hold up to 200 sheets of paper, the push-lock clasp closure and welded sides keep contents safe and secure.Hot selling 6 opaque colors are: blue, red, green, orange, purple and black. The cover of the box can be made with offset printing pattern or company logo stamping as advertising or promotional items. As for the box size, color and closure can be changed by customer's requirement.

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  • Vertical File Case - Spine label for identification purpose.
    Vertical File Case

    Simplistic and elegantly designed data cases are ideal for loading and retrieving documents or other loose items due to the top loading style construction. Simply open the convenient tuck-in style closure with a simple finger pull. Along the spine of the data case includes a space for labeling and identification.Comes in two different sizes: a 22mm width or a 60mm width. Each size secures plenty of A4 sized documents, reports, or spreadsheets. Leos' data case is composed of an enduring PP material.

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  • PP 3 Flap Folder - Geometric Flap Folder
    PP 3 Flap Folder

    Leos' flap folders with elastic closure are great for storing papers and files in your office. With an attached elastic band and three internal flaps can prevent the paper from falling off, keeps your important documents safe and secure. Don't leave your documents exposed to the risk of damage protect them with this flap folder!This product is a convenient way to store and organize files. Also, it's ideal for storing all kinds of documents and perfect for daily filing. MOQ is 3000pcs per order, customized design and request are welcomed.

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  • PP Sliding Pocket Folder - Geometric Sliding Sorter
    PP Sliding Pocket Folder

    Leos' sliding sorter is made of eco-friendly PP material which makes it durable. Besides, sliding down and you can see there are four left filing capacity can be used for more file organizing. Also, elastic band closure helps to protect your items from falling out and this geographic design is very fashion and attractive on the desk.The elastic band can hold the file by a hook on the wall for space-saving. Leos' offer various of filing products in Geometric series for your selection. We welcome customized pattern or logo design.

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  • PP Zipper Binder - Geometric Zipper Binder
    PP Zipper Binder

    Built to last Zipper Binder is made from a durable plastic that allows this binder to stand up to the heaviest wear and tear. It holds A4 or Letter sized documents using a ring binder mechanism. The zipper binder has multiple options for number of rings preferred.Rings available include: 2, 3, or a 4-ring mechanism. The exterior is made from a tough polypropylene material and comes in a very pleasing geometric pattern. To close the binder and secure its contents simply use the high-quality zipper closure.

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  • PP Report Cover - Foil Report Cover
    PP Report Cover

    Leos'offers wide range of filing products and we are always engaged in new product developing for our customers every year. The hot-foil pattern is one of our new development, the reflective circular pattern contrasts and complements its background.The report covers are made of <b>poly material</b>, lightweight and durable. The non-tear plastic fastener holds up to 25 sheets punched papers, and it's ideal for presenting your reports, project or handouts a meeting. MOQ per color is 3000pcs per order. Any further spec request can be discussed by customers' requirements.

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  • PP O Ring Binder - Foil Ring Binder
    PP O Ring Binder

    Leos' foil collection blends tones to embody the sophistication of precious metals and make your daily filing products in style. Leos' ring binder file is made of <b>eco-friendly poly materials</b>. 2 O-ring mechanism holds the documents securely and capacity is about 80 sheets of punched paper.It's great for organizing your documents at school, office or home. MOQ is 3000pcs per color per order, and the shipment is based on FOB Yantian port, China. The foil pattern can be customized by your design.

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  • PP Document Case - Foil Document Case
    PP Document Case

    Document box files one of the most organized ways to keep paperwork together. Leos' documents cases are designed with durability and lightweight in mind and the hot-foil pattern on cover provides your storage file in style and elegant look.The folders for documents and passports with width 25mm to hold A4 or smaller size of documents and reports. and the case can be easily stored and put away in drawers, shelves or somewhere of your choice ready for reference. Elastic band closure keeps your papers neat and secure. MOQ is 3000pcs per color per order.

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  • String Closure Flap Folder - Colorado Flap File
    String Closure Flap Folder

    Leos' flap folder with a two-tone color combination that offers a stylish and secure method of paper storage. The file includes an elastic band and three internal flaps to prevent the papers from falling out and keep your important documents, reports, and projects secure. The folder holds up to 50sheets of A4 papers.A simple, compact and lightweight method of storing and transporting documents and the Folder will also keep papers dry and clean. MOQ: 3000pcs per color per order, shipment is based on FOB Yantian port, China.

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  • 13 Pockets Expanding File - Colorado Expanding File
    13 Pockets Expanding File

    The two-tone color 13 expanding files provide your filing system in style and modern. The cover is made of <b>polypropylene</b> which is durable and ware-resistant. The expanding file includes 13pockets and color code tabs for making it ideal for storing bills, letters, invoices and other documents in the home or office.It is an easy way to organize paperwork and transporting A4 documents. Elastic band with frisbee closure for added security. MOQ is 3000pcs per color per order and shipment is based on FOB Yantian port, China.

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  • Spiral Wire Notebook - Colorado Notebook
    Spiral Wire Notebook

    Make your perforated writing notebooks with the bright two-tone color combination. The cover with a front pocket for insert color sheet with the subject and store your notes or loose paper temporarily Leos' colorado notebook has 80 sheets of ruled paper, making this ideal for use in the school, office or home for jotting down ideas and thoughts, meeting recap and course content.3 color options and 2 sizes, B5 and A6 are available in Colorado series. MOQ is 3000pcs per color per size and the shipment will be arranged based on FOB Yantian port, China.

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  • Sliding Pencil Case - Colorado Sliding Pencil Case
    Sliding Pencil Case

    Leos' pencil cases come with simple and classic design, with beautiful two-tone color makes the case more fun and stylish. The pencil case is made from <b>Polypropylene</b>, lightweight and easy to carry and it is convenient to store pens, pencils, and other accessories.The case slides easily to open and close, includes snap button closure to keep your content secure and safe, it's suitable for back to school season or promotional gift for students. Leos' also offer pencil cases in different materials such as PVC, PU, and nylon fabric.

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  • PP Extra Thick Cutting Board - PP Extra Thick Cutting Board
    PP Extra Thick Cutting Board

    The cutting board set with 4 pcs is made of food-grade PP material, and BTA free. It's <b>square textured</b> at the backside to prevent slipping on countertops. Here is 4 color-coded chopping mat, ideal for different food use. It's very easy to clean and store in the kitchen.

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  • PP Cutting Board - Non-Slip Backside PP Extra Thick Cutting Board
    PP Cutting Board

    The 4 pcs set of chopping mat are made of food-grade PP material, and BTA free. It's <b>dotted textured</b> at the backside to prevent slipping on countertops. There is 4 color-coded chopping mat, ideal for different food use. It's very easy to clean and store in the kitchen.

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  • PP Large Cutting Board - PP Large Cutting Board
    PP Large Cutting Board

    The chopping board set is made of food-grade PP material, and BTA free. There is 4 color-coded chopping mat, ideal for different food use. It's very convenient to distinguish cooked food from raw food in the kitchen.In addition, there is <b>dotted textured</b> at the backside to prevent slipping on countertops. Don't be bothered anymore about slipping when you are cutting food.

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  • PP Cutting Board - PP Cutting Board
    PP Cutting Board

    The chopping board set with non-slip textured is made of <b>food-grade PP material</b>, and BTA free. There is <b>dotted textured</b> at the backside to prevent slipping on countertops.And the design of 4 color-coded is ideal for different food use. It's very convenient to distinguish cooked food from raw food in the kitchen. Don't be bothered anymore about slipping when you are cutting food.

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  • Plastic Folding Cutting Board - Plastic Folding Cutting Board
    Plastic Folding Cutting Board

    Leos' cutting board is lightweight and slim, convenient to use outdoor for BBQ, camping, and travel. The surface with the folding line is easy to clean and dishwash safe, easy to fold and pour the food into a pan or other containers.This kind is made of food grade <b>PP material</b>, durable and BPA free. In addition, here is round die-cut on top, easy to hang on the wall.

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  • Silicone Cutting Board - Foldable Silicone Cutting Board
    Silicone Cutting Board

    The collapsible cutting board is made of <b>food-grade PP and TPE material</b>, durable, no smell, non-toxic, and multiple uses. Include non-slip base with increased gripping properties, the cutting board remains in place when chopping food on a smooth and clean surface. And the portable handle is easy to scrap the food into a pot or pan.The foldable design is convenient to use outdoor for BBQ, camping, and travel. You can fold up then cut food on the board freely, the foldable design could save much space and carry up to 568oz capacity after opening.It also can be a storage basket for washing the vegetables, fruits, and other food and drain with the built-in plug, easy to clean, dishwash safe, and stain-resistant.

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  • Plastic Printing Placemat - Plastic Printing Placemat
    Plastic Printing Placemat

    The placemat with Christmas design is made of <b>food-grade PP material</b>, size 45 x 30cm (17.72” X 11.81”). It's easy to clean with a wet cloth and washable, and available made with customized printing design.

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